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  1. henk-syle? [​IMG] what did henk have to do with any tetris game's style? we owe "dr. mario & tetris" for snes's style to the traditional style established by alexey, and nintendo established the newer system via tetris dx. henk has to do with western tetris games about as much as he has to do with tgm games.
  2. Let's see... Bullet Proof tetris games...

    Tetris (Famicom)

    Tetris (GB)

    Tetris (NES)

    He's not credited for those last 2, but they are so similar to his famicom version that I think they count. These are all his, but that's irrelevant anyways because his modern style is more or less completely different. Then there were a crapload of different versions for every Japanese home computer imaginable, I won't list them all. But he did those. Most notably Bullet Proof also did:

    Super Tetris 2

    Super Tetris 3

    Tetris Gaiden

    Here we start to see the same rotations as are found in Tetris Worlds, the so-called "dual axis" system. Next with the formation of TTC and Blue Planet Software he made games like:

    The New Tetris

    The Next Tetris

    Tetris Worlds

    And with Blue Lava Wireless he made the cell phone games. I'm not sure how much he was involved with other games by this point, however it starts to not matter much. He controls the rights to Tetris and he established standard rules which games must obey. This means that other developers are forced to use his style. Yes, they have some creative freedom, but not over every detail. So games such as those developped by Success...

    Tetris Advance

    Superlite 1500 Series: The Tetris

    Tetris Kiwamemichi

    ...include World-style rotation. That's what I mean by "Henk-style". If you don't believe me when I say he's involved in the design of a lot of Tetris games, I could take a picture of his name in the Kids Tetris credits for you. [​IMG]

    Almost every tetris game ever made can be nicely categorized into one of 3 styles: Gameboy, Henk, or Sega/TGM. There's a few exceptions with early tetris games, back when just about everyone was making a tetris game and it was all deorganized. A cool modern day exception is DTET, a Japanese unlicensed clone game that tries to do things it's own way and is very well thought out. Videos are available on its website.


    back on topic

    Ok, Dr. Mario + Tetris it is. But I'm posting my pictures here, because Yahoo Groups blows.
  3. check out the pc tetris world's manual. his wife voices the line clears and his kids beta tested the game. despite the involvement, henk's a business man-- not a game designer. what you call styles come from the makings of either alexey, nintendo, or whatever company. they all progressed the game to what it has become today, and of course ttc would try to standardize future releases eventually.
  4. K


    this game ?

    ok then,

    is there any defined RULE ???

    - game mode ?

    - lines or points ?

    - limited time ?
  5. Yeah thats the tetris.

    No rules really, just play tetris (not mixed and matched), start at any level, no time limit. Its a highscore comp so it would be measured in ponts/score not lines.

    - Jono

  6. ???

    Check the Tetris Worlds credits. He's credited as "master game designer" or something is he not? And that whistle-blowing on Tetris Worlds's shortcomings clearly showed how Henk was in charge of the creative process, to the point of butchering other people's hard work. I'm pretty sure you've read most of the same stuff I have, so I'm puzzled that you can't see that what there is today is largely his vision. Hell, I've seen Henk's brother Eddie say that Henk designed the World rotation system.

    And btw Henk basically is TTC. If they had actual staff, why would the website not get updated in like 4-5 years?
  7. K



    so the competition will take place with "tetris & Dr mario" :

    Here we go !

    this evening i will get this "game"...any good emulator under the elbow ?
  8. well technically, they haven't updated for just one year.
    check your pm for a continued reply to the discussion.

    jag, i recommend either snes9x or zsnes.
  9. K


    WTF ?????????????????

    i've played "only" 5 min... to Tetris & Dr Mario....

    How can you propose a soo SHITY GAME ???? Tetris & Dr Mario is commercial Tetris i've ever played !!! even the GB version wasn't so paintful ...

    compared to this "thing" Tetris Element look like a master piece....

    now i'm definitively sure that Henk is a piece of shit at Tetris, and you tell me that he is the game "supervisor" or something ?

    i would never give this game to any kid, because this is a pure demonstration of spirit limitation behavior, how can anybody can become stronger with this kind of gameplay ????

    ok ok this game is from 94, but Fuck ! this is a puzzle game !!!! and puzzle game need PERFECT gameplay !!!

    -- lot of input direction are going "only God know where",

    -- Delayed auto shift is simply useless

    -- Tetrimino are too powerfully (SHITY) randomly dealed !!!

    -- we are sleeping at game start, and completely stressed at "high" speed...

    please !!! for god sake, i definitively prefer Tetris Element... (my choice because at last Sonic Drop is implemented)
  10. Look first of stop freaking complaining, all everyone does when I purpose competition is complain. Its a game, get over it. Actually try playing it insteaed of pointing out errors. Dont you thnik I know its not the best version of tetris? Thats exactly why I choose it, beacuse knowone (or not many pepole) is used to it. And as for high speed levels, learn to play faster, how hard could it be? Rember its ment to be a challenge not a version you play 4 hours a day know inside out, thats just boring and simple.

    Start posting scores.

    Although jagorochi I 100% agree with you on two things:

    - Henk is a piece of shit ( Go Pazhitnov! )

    - And as for the pieces completly random, well thats just fucked and true. ( Sorry about that, did'nt look into to it to hard before selecting ) I guess you just got to work around it

    Non the less good luck to all, and post away!

    - Jono

    .......and Try to have fun
  11. flrofolr

    Relax Jono, Jagorochi is the strongest player I know. I agree though that he's perhaps a little intolerant of the oldschool GB style of tetris. I personally think it's an ok version for a comp, although it is a little irrelevent in terms of overlap with modern tetris games. On that note...

    I got 7 S pieces in a row! 7!!!!

    But that's how classic tetris work... They're not very consistent and you just have to deal with that. So far I've got 300 thousand, but I haven't played much.

    Also jago I don't think Henk had much to do with this version. If I had to guess I'd say Nintendo handed a small American group of programmers a copy of Tetris GB and told them to remake it for SNES, much like they did with Pokemon Puzzle League and Dr. Mario 64. All 3 of these games were not released in Japan.
  12. K


    wow, take it easy jp01309 :

    even if i'm vindicative, it's absolutely not against you... [​IMG]

    well it's that i've passed to much time dying in Tetris GB with this "mh" Sheep voice of game over...

    this is absolutely awful, i can hear this sound in nightmare...

    one little mistake, or lost input side direction, and this is game over in less than 1 sec.... frustration !!!!!
  13. 7?

    I know exactly what you sucks, oh how it sucks!

    - Jono
  14. K


    i've tested, several game in game in snes,

    is it possible to play to Super Tetris 3 (j)?

    there is a classical mode, and this game is far better than other...

    i've just played 5 min but, the gameplay is really good !

    if you have never tried it before, just take a look !!!
  15. Nope, Super Tetris 3 is no good. I've already maxed the score many times (on my SNES). Unless you want to compete for lines, but that would be long and boring.

    Just stick with the original plan Jago. I agree that it is a little painful, but if you are a strong player you should be able to learn to adapt. [​IMG]
  16. Super tetris 3? Never played it. But it sounds good, I will have to get the rom and check it out.


    - Jono
  17. K


    what you mean that the counter points is blocking at 999 999 or something ???

    pffff.... damn!

    well in another way, line or points, even if the goal look different, this is a finally just a "times endurance challenge"...

    well the worst in Tetris & Dr mario, is not the "basic" gameplay finally, because, yes we can adapt to it, but what i dislike is this frustrating capability of the game to "miss or vanish" your rapid twice direction input....

    i really feel that you have to always visually control in witch column is your piece for rapid correction, and with very "high speed" + "instant glue", the game is turning into a lucky challenge instead of skills performance...

    btw, i hate lucky factor in puzzle game....
  18. A few years ago, I was playing that game a lot (SNES Tetris/Dr.Mario), and my high score was about 300,000 with 295 lines. But that was before I started playing NES Tetris, trying for a max out. I'm a much better player now, and I am excited to join this comp. I am very interested to see what kind of high score I can produce now. I must borrow that cart from my sister, which might take me a week or two to get done, but I will certainly be posting some scores soon!


    It is skill, learn to adapt. [​IMG]
  20. Holy crap! I did'nt know DZ score was, cool

    - Jono

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