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  1. We should start an online tetris comp cause lets face it not much has been happening lately in the tetris world. I'm not sure what website and or version to play on yet, but I'm open to any suggestions, I want to get at least 10 people in the comp which should be easy enough (some from and some from here). Any people intrested please email me.


    - Jono
  2. i'll play.
  3. hey nicholas, good to see your still keen for a tetris comp, got any ideas on where to have it? do you know anyother good tetris players?

    Im going to post a topic on arkmay i think i can get a handful of players from there, had a few comps there before and they went for awhile.

    here from you soon.

    - Jono
  4. always ready for tetris competition. i'd say find something traditional and reliable, but make sure you inform everyone on what you've decided at least a couple weeks before the actual competition.
  5. Found a potential website to play on ... ame72.html

    you can choose what level you want to start on 1 - 20 which is not half bad considering most online versions only reach 10. the scoring system alright its a bit wierd but aleast there's a highscore table.

    The only other online version i found which is ok is:

    But I dont think its the best suited for a comp, it lacks the classic movments and the highscore table is permanently down.

    There is not to many more versions online except "neave" and "miniclip" really, which i cant stand. So the only other opition is most likely and emulator or classic system.

    anyway, check them out and tell me which is best or if they both suck.

    - Jono
  6. I still think I will have the comp on a PC vesion or emulator, its alot easier to keep track of score's, record games etc. Just thinking which version still, I like all the features on dx I just think marathon never dam ends. tetron2000 seems to be the one I want to use, and you can have team battles so there can be diffrent divisions in the comp I guess,

    if anyone has anything to contribute dont hesitate.

    - Jono
  7. Alright, so far I have decided to hold the comp on orginal gameboy. I dont think im going to have more than 2 devisions, most lines and highscore. There are no real rules only you must play on the orignal version of tetris for gameboy. It can be played either on the orginal platform or on an emulator. You must also have proff wheather it be by video, photo or screen shot. At the momment I have a video of a 520,000 game, but thats not my offical score yet. Im not sure when im going to end it either, I guess it depends on how fast or slow the comp kick off, but its atleast going to the end of the month. Also I figure the easiest way to post proff of your score is via the yahoo tetris highscore page (NOTE* you have to become a member first)

    there will be a specific folder in the photo section for the comp.

    Tell as many people as you know that play tetris and start posting them highscores.

    - Jono
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    hello, i think that an classic emulated version with fraps recorded video, should be cool !

    just have to decide witch version...
  9. K


    oups, i was the gest just above,

    plz, don't use Tetris Element.... [​IMG]
  10. I ruled out using elements along time ago, I really want to use DX through a GB emulator. Beacuse it has Marathon, Ultra and 40 lines its a nice variety and DX had very good reactions with the tetramino spins.

    Any way knowone really seems to intrested in a comp these days so i dont no if theres ever going to be one.

    thanks for the enthusiasm though

    - Jono
  11. K


    ok then,

    we are talking about a competition so :

    - start to list a potential interesting tetris game

    - define an ending date for submitting score and video

    - each player that is interested put his name here with the game(s) he is interested..

    - finally choose the final game support

    - go for it !
  12. lo jago

    My vote goes to Kids Tetris. We need a superplay Kids Tetris video, it'll be hilarious.



    Either that or we could play TGM. But we do that anyways don't we...

    Us TGMers are actually reasonably active. There's maybe... 5 of us(?) that set a new personal best in the last month or so.
  13. TGM's ok, I just dont think its the sort of tetris you hold I comp with. I manly post on and I have never really heard of anyone talking about it, I dont think it popular enough either or suited for that many people.

    Personally I dont mind a game of TGM every now and again.

    - Jono
  14. K


    hmm i don't think that TGM is adapted to this "comp"...

    to much hard to handle if you haven't played it, even for strong Tetris player...

    and this will not be a competition...

    maybe we should came to a more basic and well knew version...
  15. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  16. The main problem with a tetris comp is usually everyone has there own favorite version of the game, and normally its not the same as anyone else's favorite. Thats why earlyer I wanted to have a classic comp, not one with tetris worlds or anything with a continuous spin.

    Hey what about SNES tetris?, its alot harder since the ponits dont go up after level 9.

    Its an idea.

    - Jono
  17. Ummm... There's like 4 tetris games on SNES dude (excluding Tetris 2 and Tetris Attack!!), you'll have to be more specific.

    About groups of people lacking focus on a particular tetris game.... well... the TGM community is fairly focused. [​IMG] We could do some sort of TGM vs Henk-style matchup, where we choose a TGM game and a Henk Rogers tetris game and compete in them both. It could be cool, we'd see which school of players were the strongest.
  18. I was referring to Tetris + Dr. Mario on snes. Also Henk Vs TGM? do you mean vs on 2 diffrent versions, as in we play both version each? or We play our own version each? Top one makes more sense to me. Either way I dont really mind, I not rushing to much to play TGM for excessive hours, I like it, but I dont want to sit there and play it competively, otherwise I will never want to play it again.

    I dont mind what the version the comps really on, except: Tetris Worlds, Elements, or TGM. I just want something on a nitendeo platform or similar.

    - Jono
  19. So it's settled then, Kids Tetris VS Tetris with Card Captor Sakura.


    Seriously dude, just pick one so we can beat you.
  20. Cool beat me, sounds like fun.

    I am going to have a comp on Snes Tetris (The one with Dr. Mario), thats not spelt with A TGM in it either.

    Have fun

    Post the pics/vids through

    I wil send a mass email a message out to some people that metioned being intrested in a comp earlyer.

    - Jono

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