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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Qlex, 14 Oct 2015.

  1. Good stuff, I'll try not to fall off a cliff between then and now :D
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  2. Next Saturday 6 PM CET works for me. I'm hoping to be able to record some TAP videos by then.
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  3. Saturday 3pm CET should work.
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  4. Next weekend I'm ok.
  5. This Sunday at 6 PM CET works for me.
  6. Wow I would love to be a part of this!
    My only problem... I have a really hard time recording a Tetris video that I want feedback on. I've already been trying to record a ton of games, or usually I end up doing some obvious mistakes that I'm easily able to tell without needing anyone else to review it, which in the end would overshadow the places where I really feel that I need help improving.
    Actually, my other problem is that I don't currently have a tripod either. And also I'm so out of shape with playing TGM that I'm currently much worse than I've been for ages >_>
  7. Maybe link to VODs (or youtube exports!) of all previous sessions in your first post of this thread?
  8. Tonight 9 PM CET is @FreakyByte's turn! Hope to see you there. @steadshot has done some pretty good work for me to gain frames fumenizing the video. Also, I might not have a bluescreen nor a connection problem! Unbelievable.

    @Sumez Any level is fine, the idea is not to spend time on misdrops and technical errors but rather give new ideas of gameplay and stimulate creativity. The important part is that I spend an hour trying to review the thing and give some basics that the player doesn't have yet. You're more than welcome to fill one of the last spots :)
    I now gave a link to my channel, I'll try and remember to make a playlist of all the episodes so far!

    Everyone else who sent a message is noted.
  9. Hopefully everything will work from my side too...
    Can you please send me your skype name @Qlex ?
  10. Sent!
  11. I have two videos that I recorded locally, how should I send them to you?
  12. Qlex, how many video do you want ?
  13. A Dropbox link or any file sharer is fine. Just notify me of the link or, if you need my email address, ask me and I'll send it to you via PM.

    Ideally two videos or 15 minutes of gameplay is enough, but don't hesitate to give a priority list and, if we have time, I'll go over a third one.
  14. Due to hour change in France, the next episode will take place in 7 PM CET, that's 6 PM in France and other countries using the summer time difference.
  15. Started playing some again today and I'd just like to say to Qlex that the feedback have helped! :)

    (after many years I still can't figure out how to use fumen tool so here are a few pictures instead)


    Normally before our session I would probably put this in the columns 1-2 to the left, standing like a J. Or upside down in columns 2-3 creating an I-hole in column 1....




    But I considered the feedback to just not IRS it and I put it horizontal like this! I also had quite a few situations like this with the I, L, J where I would put it horizontal towards an edge to get a line clear instead of vertical in some random column.. I had some good downstacking moments in death considering this and these are the tiny simple things that I didn't quite "see" before. :)
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  16. Hope more stuff comes to your channel, as I mostly cannot watch live.
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  17. Burbruee : I'm glad you found my advice useful! That move is indeed pretty nice-looking :) I guess if I really wanted to be pedantic, I could advise you to do this move instead :

    In this case, you would have space to put the T where it belonged in the first place. That is a minor improvement, especially considering that you're getting close to level 99 and you can clear a line with pretty much any tetramino. But the move you did is still a very viable option!

    TGGC : Yes, sorry, because of stuff I haven't been able to convert into playlist. Mostly trying to put the two parts from BBQTurkeyzZ's review that had a crash in between. I'll try that in the evening :)
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  18. I really enjoyed the FreakyByte one. As we are on similar levels, there is new stuff to learn!

    The BBQ one was nice, too. But I would like to see your face more, if you talk a lot ;)
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  19. @Qlex : I'm available from 14:00 to 03:00 , when do you want to do this ?
    I'll send you the videos between today and tomorrow (probably one master and two death; I'm more interested.
  20. I already learned a thing or two!
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