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  1. Edit : You can watch the first processed videos on my Youtube channel :


    I'd like to take some time to explain my project : I want to review your videos of Tetris!

    The idea is simple : I need one or more of your videos that you feel like sharing, and starting Friday I'll get to reviewing some specific parts of that video, move by move, for a bit more than one hour. Then, either I play a game and try to apply some advice that was previously given, or the player can actually record his game and try those pieces of advice out.

    I want to convert videos into fumens (or tediges), but I can't make my program work until then, it's not a big deal.

    The link for the live broadcast is

    My reviews will be monday, tuesday and friday. There might be more days allotted for that (especially the weekend) but I aim to do the commentary from 9 PM to 10:30 PM, Central European Time (Paris). That's from noon to 1:30 PM in the West Coast, 3 PM to 4:30 PM in the East Coast.

    I appreciate having the player with me during the commentary, because it can really help me improve the commentary and focus on other things. If you find the time slot to be off compared from your available time slot, tell me!

    I tend to have a strong preference for TAP's Death Mode runs or TGM1/2 videos, though it's really your call. Anything will do :)

    Participants :
    @Supernaze7 - 1
    @Ephraim225 - 1
    @BBQTurkeyzZ - 1
    @Burbruee - 1
    @JBroms - 1
    @FreakyByte - 1
    @MaryHadALittle - 1
    @EnchantressOfNumbers - 1
    @Jayce - 1
    @PetitPrince - 1

    Plan :
    Friday - Burbruee CONFIRMED
    Saturday - Supernaze7 3 PM CET CONFIRMED
    Tuesday - Ephraim225 CONFIRMED
    Wednesday - BBQTurkeyzZ 10 PM CET CONFIRMED
    Friday - FreakyByte CONFIRMED
    Saturday - JBroms 3 PM CET CONFIRMED
    Sunday - MaryHadALittle 6 PM CET CONFIRMED
    Wednesday - Jayce CONFIRMED
    Saturday - EncantressOfNumbers 6 PM CET CONFIRMED
    Weekend - PetitPrince CONFIRMED

    Tell me what you think and, if you're interested, tell me your availabilities!
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  2. I'd be interested. I should be fine any day except Friday and Saturday nights (I might have work)
  3. Sounds like a very cool project! I dont know about availability yet, but I'll definitely send some videos.
  4. I've been planning to make a similar program. How did you/will you achieve this? If you need any help, I'd gladly invest my time.

    For the game reviews, I'm definitely interested, although my weekday schedule can vary. It's awesome you're spending your time to help the community like this.
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  5. That's great! I added the additional participants to the list and began a tentative schedule. It is not final! If you are not available during a specific time slot, you can change it the way you want to. @BBQTurkeyzZ , if you have a specific time during the weekend when you would be available, don't hesitate to talk about it via PM or wherever else!

    @MaryHadALittle - Thanks. I'm getting a lot of inspiration from @K 's live program on his stream. I still need to work on it, but I am planning to get the flashing animation of the pieces locking (from what I have heard, the pieces flash for 3 frames when they lock, so they allegedly could get registered no matter what the recording framerate can be). The main problems I have are effectively recording from any grid (jago's program is inconsistent because it tries to record live, which is a pretty difficult constraint to deal with that I won't have to face), and converting into fumen. If you feel you can give some insight to the thing, you're welcome to hit me up!
  6. Add me. You could go for my two latest TGM highlights on twitch for review material. (TAP Death and Master) and I'll try to be available at the scheduled time.
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  7. I won't be able to do Sunday because I have someone coming round to build my PC though I'll ask dad whether we're out on Saturday or Friday this week (it tends to fluctuate between either or sometimes both (not this week though)).
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  8. I would love for you to review my game play. The only problem is I don't currently have a functioning capture card to record videos with. Any suggestions on a USB capture card I should get? (preferably one that takes s-video, I would need to do some electronics work before I could connect to component video)
  9. I'm fairly sure Dazzle takes S-Video; it's the card a lot of streamers I know use for older consoles and it's pretty good albeit slightly expensive if you only need it for a couple things.
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  10. Thanks @BBQTurkeyzZ ! I found the spec sheet and saw that it does take S-Video. I went ahead and ordered one, so hopefully, I should be able to stream in the near future!
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  11. Looking forward to the results!
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  12. So it's decided! Burbruee will be my guest for a first try tomorrow, that's Friday 9 PM CET! The programme will consist of analyzing the TAP games that were highlighted on his twitch channel. See you there hopefully!
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  13. If you have issues with the Dazzle (though I suspect you won't) I'm just gonna put it out there that I use an Elgato and it works well, at least for TGM1.

    Also @Qlex I'll participate if I end up recording something that I think is worth reviewing. Usually my mistakes are pretty obvious and pretty stupid, and gameplay not too special, but I'm open to the idea.
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  14. The Dazzle came in today (gotta love Amazon Prime) and I did a very short test stream a bit ago. I plan on starting streaming for real tomorrow, so I should have some videos for this by the time @Qlex selects my videos for review.
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  15. The first session has been made and should be available momentarily on Youtube. Thanks to @Burbruee for this episode!

    Death toll : 50 pushups.
  16. Update: I've put the drives in myself and so now my PC is more or less set up so I'll probably be able to do Sunday now. The guy will still be coming over but probably not as late.
  17. CPN


    Link your channel dood.
  18. Nice commentary, keep those videos coming!
  19. I'm interested :) I have a Twitch highlight of a TAP Master game I pulled off recently if that'll work.

    On Tuesdays I'm available any time, on other days I'm available basically from noon to 6PM PST if I don't oversleep XD
  20. @Qlex can you share the link?

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