Classis Tetris Tournament - Germany (GB / SNES)

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    On the 4th of April I will host a Tetris tournament in Unna, Germany. This tournament will be offline and played on the Game Boy version (Two-Player-Mode), played via modified Super Game Boys on SNES, and on SNES-Version (Tetris & Dr. Mario, Two-Player-Mode).

    The tournament is supposed to be held with 20 participants. There will be cups and prices for the best 3 participants, therefor it will have an entry fee of 5 Euro
  2. Thank you for posting this here, there's a very good chance I can make it.
    A few questions:
    1. Would I need to bring my own SNES gamepad?
    2. What happens when more than 20 people attend?
  3. 1. Yes, you can!
    2. We would expand the number of participants, if it must be necessary. Do you want to reserve your participation?

    Your interest makes me very happy. Where do you come from? Do you speak German?
  4. Oh, I was just asking, because I don't own one and feared it could be a problem.
    Yes, I'd like to reserve it, thanks.

    I'm from Wuppertal and even though I don't live there anymore, I'll be back for a visit at the time of the tournament. And yes, I do. :)
  5. I'm sorry to say I can't make it after all. :(
    I hope you still have a successful tournament, I'll be keeping an eye out for the next one.

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