Classic Tetris competition at a roller derby in MN

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by BenMullen, 16 Mar 2011.

  1. So I'm going to be the "side show" at a roller derby with an 80's night theme in Minneapolis on the 26th and they asked me to provide a blurb for the announcers to say as we get contestants... heres what i wrote

    "Ben Mullen, a mild mannered college advisor by day, and full time Tetris fanatic by night is here to crush one, crush all in a Tetris competition for the ages. Ben Holds 5 world records for Tetris across two different platforms and promises to crush any and all dreams of victory for any would be challenger who might dare to cross line pieces with him!

    So bring your best to beat the best in a winner take all thrill ride meant to decide… the true champion of Roller derby 80’s night!"

    for those who might be "hatin" yes i know that i only really hold 3 (the lines record in NES is sorta Thor A's but i stil "technically" hold it... also the lines record for SNES is really DanZ's but what i submitted to TG will be the "technical record" in that case as well... Gol its just a roller derby promo... i thought yall might enjoy

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