CARNIVAL OF DEATH 2014 anticipation station

Thread in 'Discussion' started by orz, 17 Mar 2014.

  1. orz


    I started playing again via mame and I've started playing games from 0 again and I'm looking forward to this. Thanks for listening.
  2. orz


    Hopefully I can bust out a GM game for this.
  3. Maybe if I commandeer my brother's Windows machine I can get GM. I recently discovered that SDLMAME is the source of most of my input lag complaints.
  4. Excited about the carnival since I missed out on it last year or two. I feel my stacking has improved lately, and it will be totally unacceptable if I don't beat my record from 2010.

    I played for about an hour and almost had a new record already.

    But should probably wait until it officially starts so games can be added to the death toll.
  5. I thought only your overall record was added to the toll.

    Or are you worried about burning out and not being able to surpass the record you get between now and the 25th?
  6. Muf


    Your highest level played between 3/25 and 4/1 gets added to the toll.
  7. What is the aim of the carnival of death?
  8. COL


    the idea is pretty simple: playing death mode (or Texmaster sudden) exclusively for one week, starting from march 25th (NB: do you remember what 3:25 is ?). The highest level you reach during the week is added to the "death toll".
    The goal is to celebrate the awesomeness of the most famous TAP mode if you like :p
  9. Ahah, 3/25, got it !

    It's seems be a pretty fun competition! :p
  11. The anticipation is killing people.
  12. ^^
  13. My goal is to brake my personal record of 317!

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