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  1. Took me 5 tries.

    Oh, hi ...
  2. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    It's called Re-Captcha. One word is a known word, the other is a scan from a book that a computer couldn't interpret correctly. You're helping turn old books into computerized texts.

    But 5 tries? Were they really blurry? I must get all the easy ones.
  3. Muf


    ReCaptcha was turned off because you nazified the iptables rules which broke it, and I forgot to re-enable it once you'd fixed the problem. I've turned it on again, so captchas should be more secure and easier to read now.

    Also, welcome to Tetrisconcept, Webby. I'm just curious, how did you find us so fast? (In case you didn't know, we had a re-launch last Sunday.)
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Welcome back Webby, glad you found the place.

    But it was worth it though, right?:)
  5. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    So we're both at fault. Okay, I guess I can accept that.

    And yeah, the most default captchas are bad for the eyes.
  6. If the computer can't read the word, how does it know what we're wrighting is, in fact, correct (or incorrect for that matter)?
  7. Muf


    From their site:
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    It wasn't the blur, but i think it was case sensitive (the ones i got yesterday at registration).

    I was here before and just started to play tetris again after finding by watching a youtube video of jujube here:

    Even though i play tetris on my mobile every day (40 lines) i consider myself more of a casual player with addictive moments that brig me back, but always stop after a while.
  9. The topic was initially about the singup captcha until i noticed the captchas at posting. It's only now that i realize these are here because of the enabled anonymous posting. Is it really worth those anon posts?

    But if you do leave it on i now have a catch to figure out if i'm logged on or not :)

    The recaptchas are easer btw. And also note that captcha has been defeated already ...

    This is one of the more funnier examples: (might not be sfw).
  10. Muf


    Funny you should ask that. I like discussing this subject, so please don't be intimidated by the lengthy explanation.

    These and other reasons are also why postcount is not displayed under the username, why we don't have "Junior Member", "Senior Member", etc. user titles, and why forum administrators and moderators look just the same as regular members (no special bold or coloured markup, no tag that says "Administrator"). We want this forum to be fun and informative. The whole established culture of forums with a whole hierarchy of members and pissing contests about who has the most posts or the most power is meaningless. Why require users to register and wait for a confirmation email when we have perfectly functional captchas which do an adequate job at keeping the spambots out. The question shouldn't be "why allow anonymous posting"-- it should be "why require people to register". There are many advantages to registering, you get to have an avatar, a signature, the forum remembers your name, people can search for posts written by you, etc. But that advantage should be an incentive to get people to register; not a requirement. Maybe someone only wants to offer meaningful advice once and never visit again. Fine by me. It would be a waste of database space to have someone like that register a full fledged account for just one useful post.

    I could go on but I think I've made my point clear ;).
  11. ei


    It's still displayed underneath a user's location currently, though, at least under PetitPrince's new style.

    That's a refreshing perspective on the front of anonymous posting, though--I definitely agree with you there (and must say, never really thought hard on it before or I'd probably have come up with the idea myself much earlier, heh)


    EDIT: One downside to no admin/mod tags, though, is that new members won't know how to contact in case of issues. That's the only downside I can come up with for that, though.
  12. Muf


    *cough* :)
  13. I never looked at it that way. Although it defeats the purpose of a leaderboard.

    1. Anonymous
    2. Anonymous

    It's more for the general discussions ...
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    not requiring registration was the stupidest idea i've ever seen actually implemented on a forum, and those reasons are so hilariously one-sided it isn't even fucking funny.
  15. Would you mind telling us why you think it's stupid? You obviously found it suitable not to state your name, so maybe it isn't so stupid after all?
  16. Doesn't stop 2ch and 4ch from being some of the largest sites on the internet in terms of users.
  17. Muf


    Yo dawg, I heard you like bitching at anonymous posting, so I bitched at anonymous posting while posting anonymously.
  18. MYSTERY!

    MYSTERY! Unregistered

    you say that as if 4chan is somewhere you can go for coherant and/or intelligent discussion of a multitude of topics, instead of the actual dirty pile of memes it is

    anon posting just means
    a) i don't have to actually exert any effort to trollbait
    b) i can demonstrate exactly why it's dumb because i can trollbait without actually exerting effort, as opposed to registrations which would at least provide some level of requirement
    c) i have no name to give a shit about, since i am anonymous and anonymous is legion

    (although admittedly it is fun to let out my trolling side every now and then, being a normal good user does get boring)

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