Can anyone give me tips for Tetris Splash?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by massi4h, 9 Jul 2008.

  1. Nope, each level takes a variable number of Goal to finish.
    Goal doesn't carry over. What makes this strategy so effective is that you're basically fitting 24 Goal worth of points into the space of 9. Single->Single->no lines until Goal == 9, Tetris->TSD. If the first level starts you with less than 9 Goal, -- Tetris Friends starts Level 1 with 5 -- Single->Single->no lines, Single->Single->no lines, TSD. Level 2 might start you with 9 Goal, so go straight into the Tetris->TSD.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the straight answer to this is that I wasn't understanding the situation... and that it's 4 single single combos that are better than a tetris (because of a tetris goal bonuses).
  3. CT, forget combos being better than Tetrises. With this strategy, goal lines = points, so the fact that you do TSD with one goal line left means you maximize your points. Combos give you bonus points, but anything over a combo 1 will take away goal lines. That means your extinguishing a goal line that would normally get you 100xlevel points just for a measly combo 2 bonus.

    In other words, before you get to the B2B T-Spin double with one goal line left, all line clears are equal. It doesn't matter what you do since you get the same points per goal line no matter what. You just do the single singles because they give freebie points.
  4. massi4h

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    OK so if you get a single->single combo that only counts as one goal break? I'm starting to get it now.
  5. No that's the point. Single singles only extinguish two (two lines cleared, two goal lines, 200 points = 100 points per goal line plus small bonus).

    Single single single would extinguish four, though (three lines cleared, four goal lines, 300 points = 75 points per goal line plus small bonus). Get it?
  6. What the block? Who authorized such shitty rules?

    I mean, they've appeared in several games now right?
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    OK caffeine gotcha.
  8. Udy

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    Totally mad rules, still enjoy the games though. Plus just knowing the rules puts you at an advantage over roughly 95% of the population [​IMG]

    Control pad wise you can play Default, Advanced or set up your own Custom one.

    Personally I prefer Advanced which used the shoulder (not trigger) buttons to rotate in the relevant direction and then the first thumb button to slam, with hold just above it I think. I find this faster to use than the default because your slam/hard drop button is always on your thumb rather than having to reach to press up to do it.
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    There are three parts to the strategy.

    1) try to get "partial goal" lines as much as possible. A single single combo is the best way to do this, because it gets 2.5 goal lines roughly, rounded down to 2. So single single combo gives you the most "points per goal line". Any line clear bigger than a single will lose out on a chance to get extra points for some lines.

    2) then, exploit the fact that goal doesn't carry over to the next level by getting a b2btsd at the end of the level on your last clear. This trumps the previous advice, so the 8 goal used in setting up the B2B is not a waste.

    3) get as much hard drop and/or soft drop points as you can, because those points don't count towards goal either.

    Unless you exploit the system, your score will pretty much be the same no matter what you do, which is really messed up.
  10. Ai


    So I've been playing Tetris Evolution last week on the XBOX 360 and I saw that a lot of the players played Tetris Splash. I noticed that caffeine is one of the top players.

    I wanted to buy the game, but I can't find it on the marketplace. Is this game only available in NA? By the way I'm from Belgium and my gamertag is Zenchi Zennou.
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    OK guys this is how it went.

    The Xbox 360 Arcade Gaming Marathon was the worst organised thing there and I was too busy focussing on Guitar Hero to try and chase up that tournament. So I didn't enter and found out later that Tetris Splash wasn't even used in the competition and neither was Metal Slug 3 (2 of the games I really wanted to play). I had a little play of the game on the last morning and it was quite fun and with TDS controls I could play pretty fast although the left and right on the d-pad were pretty screwed.

    I don't really mind because I WON the national WCG qualifier for GH3 and I'm going to Germany!
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    wow, congrats! too bad there was no tetris tournament, but that's really cool.
  13. massi4h

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    Thanks man, this feels so awesome.

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