Can anyone give me tips for Tetris Splash?

Thread in 'Strategy' started by massi4h, 9 Jul 2008.

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    So I'm going to a big 3 day LAN in about two days for a big Guitar Hero comp and on the side they have an Xbox 360 Arcade Gaming Marathon (winning based on points) which has 4 Xbox 360 games one of them being Tetris Splash.

    I like to call myself a pretty good Tetris DS player (I can play pretty fast and can do so many t-spins). So how different is this game? Are T-spins in it (how about triples)? Do I get bonuses for them etc.

    So what is it really based around and would I be better off using a standard controller or grabbing an arcade pad to use?

    PS. I haven't played pretty much any Tetris games on PC like TGM due to sheer laziness so I don't really have those kind of skills to work with.

    Thanks for help in advance.

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    This game is very similar to Tetris DS with a few enhancements and some limitations.

    - No wallkick T-Spins. No TSTs. Only Imperial TSSes. Only regular and Imperial TSDs.
    - Fast DAS, meaning you SHOULD hold horizontal movement rather than tap like in TDS
    - Initial hold/rotation during line clear

    I'd recommend you stick to a gamepad by default. A stick would not be ideal for this gameplay style. If possible, the fastest option would be a keyboard.
  3. massi4h

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    Wow thanks for the quick reply DIGITAL.

    Awesome info. With the standard Xbox 360 controller I should use the d-pad right?

    Oh and so I don't have to ask on the day, does anyone know the buttons?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Yeah, you'll have more stable control using the d-pad.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Oh and I almost forgot...there's a combo system as well. It's like the one implemented in Tetris Online Japan if I remember correctly. Perhaps someone still remembers the details...
  6. massi4h

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    OK, I'll suck with that, but I'll see what happens.

    Generally combo systems are where you get more points for consecutive line clears right?

    Is there a back to back bonus?

    Thanks for all your help DIGITAL.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Yeah, consecutive line clears. The back to back bonus remains the same whether you perform a combo or not, which means only tetrises and T-Spins keep the bonus. If I recall accurately, the combo bonus in TOJ multiplayer punishes an opponent with one extra row of garbage for every line clear after the first. So if you cleared three doubles in a combo, your opponent would recieve 3 lines from the doubles and 2 more from the combo.
  8. Will the competition be single player? What mode? Marathon or 40 Lines? If Marathon, you need to learn the "Super Mangled F'd Up Strategy."
  9. jujube

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  10. massi4h

    massi4h Unregistered

    It will be single player. Probably marathon but it may be 40 lines.

    If it's 40 lines should I just spam tetrises as fast I can?

    And what would this "Super Mangled F'd Up Strategy" be. Anything uber would be cool lol.

    Oh yeah what kinda points system is there? As in how much exactly are T spins worth? Would it be good to take a stab at some ST stacking?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Copied from the Tetris Friends thread...
  12. And in human readable form: (not totally optimal, but optimal-tournament-practical)

    • For the first level, make singles until you have one goal line left. Then make a T-Spin Double.
    • All levels after that, wait until you have nine goal lines left and then do a Tetris to start B2B. You will have one goal line left and make a T-Spin Double.
    • Do not make more than a combo 1. This means that it's okay to make a line then with the next tetromino make another line, but do not make another line with the next tetromino. That would make a combo 2, which will hurt you.
    • Follow this through all fifteen levels very carefully, and take your time. The last levels will be difficult because of the gravity. Since it's a tournament, even if you mess up once, continue the best you can until you finish all fifteen levels--better to finish semi-perfect than to try to get all fifteen perfectly and top out accidentally because you couldn't manage it.
    Chances are no one else at that tournament will know about this, so even the best players who play fast as hell and make all T-Spins, Tetrises, and combos will arbitrarily hit scores between 500k to 750k.
  13. Every time I read those tips my mind is blown by how retarded the optimal strategy is. Could someone briefly explain to me which game mechanics are responsible for this?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I think the exploit had to do with the bonus reward that is given for a combo. By clearing singles in pairs (combo 1), you rake in the bonus points and minimize the bonus goal lines at the same time. Goal points don't spill over so it's best to perform a TSD at the end.
  15. Goal deductions are normally set up so 1 goal is subtracted for every (100 pt * Level). A Single is normally worth (100 pt * Level) and subtracts 1 Goal. A Combo 1 Single is worth slightly more than (100 pt * Level), but still only deducts 1 Goal. If it weren't for the fact that Goal does not carry over between levels, Single->Single combos would be the optimal strategy.

    However, -- as I hinted only moments ago -- Goal subtracted from one level will not carry over to the next. With this in mind, we can fit (2400 pt * Level + however much the Combo bonus is) into the space of 9 Goal. This nets us (~266.66 pt * Level) per 1 Goal. At the end of every level, you're setting up a clear that is worth nearly 3 times more points than would normally be allowed.
  16. Ok, I'm sort of following, but nobody has explained why 2 single single combos are better than a tetris. T-spins are one thing, but you'd have to be clinically retarded to decide that a game called tetris should play with single single combos.
  17. kiwibonga

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    Single player at a LAN party? Why?
  18. massi4h

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    LOL it's just an arcade marathon where theres heaps of people playing in 4 different games. Other being Metal Slug 3, Geometry Wars and another I don't remember.

    I think it's something points based overall through the 4 games.

    I'm sorta with CT on this and I'm still kinda confused.

    OK now I'm assuming every level takes 10 lines to break to move up. So the first level I make 9 singles (but 8 of them should be comboed together) and then a TSD which will leave the next level with 9 lines, in which I either do 8 singles again or 2 B2B tetrises and then another TSD and repeat?

    I think chances are no-one there will have even heard the term t-spin before. I know all the Tetris DS players and the only ones that know anything about t-spins are my friends at school because I taught them and they only can do basic stuff. I don't think the New Zealand Tetris Splash community is very big at all. If it comes to worse I can just tetris everything fast and that should be fine anyway.

    Btw guys is there infinite rotation and is level 15 20G?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    A tetris is treated as 8 lines while a single is treated as 1. The bonus you gain from the combo outweighs the gains you get from the tetris.
  20. jujube

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    and also when you tetris you're reducing the number of combo 1's you can make in that level.

    4 combo 1's:
    (800 line clear points + 200 combo bonus points) * level
    1 tetris:
    800 line clear points * level

    the only reason you want to make a tetris when the goal is 9 is to setup a back-to-back bonus (which trumps other piddly bonuses) at goal 1. making B2B before that would greatly decrease your goal (coincidentally enough in proportion to the points gained, just like with anything else you try to do, like a combo 2).

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