C G S (France North East, 5-6th Marsh 2016)

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    Hello !

    Nothing really huge nor incredible but I thought I should indicate this here if one of you is located at a couple of Kilometers at the same moment...

    The 2nd edition of the Carolo Game Show will be held in the center of Charleville Mézieres in the Ardennes, North East of France. 400 people were attending last year, 1000 is planned for the next one with everything bigger.

    Like last year, I will make a public demo of TI Master/Shirase and present the TGM series during the whole event. Qlex will be also here to show his DEATH power...

    I have also another speedrun in preparation to present with a friend :
    CONTRA III / Super probotector : sub-19min in coop HARD-3 lives.






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  2. I'm set on coming :3
  3. Will the demonstration be streamed?
  4. Amnesia

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    I don't think. They are not yet so well organized to make it but maybe it will.
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  6. Noooo, why exactly at my Birthday!
  7. idc, I will be there anyway! ;)
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    First post updated with full info ;)
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