C G S (France North East, 5-6th Marsh 2016)

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    Hello !

    Nothing really huge nor incredible but I thought I should indicate this here if one of you is located at a couple of Kilometers at the same moment...

    The 2nd edition of the Carolo Game Show will be held in the center of Charleville M├ęzieres in the Ardennes, North East of France. 400 people were attending last year, 1000 is planned for the next one with everything bigger.

    Like last year, I will make a public demo of TI Master/Shirase and present the TGM series during the whole event. Qlex will be also here to show his DEATH power...

    I have also another speedrun in preparation to present with a friend :
    CONTRA III / Super probotector : sub-19min in coop HARD-3 lives.






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  2. I'm set on coming :3
  3. Will the demonstration be streamed?
  4. Amnesia

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    I don't think. They are not yet so well organized to make it but maybe it will.
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  6. Noooo, why exactly at my Birthday!
  7. idc, I will be there anyway! ;)
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    First post updated with full info ;)
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