Button control panel cab

Thread in 'Hardware' started by nicofromtokyo, 13 Oct 2014.

  1. Uuhhhhhhh... Yeah... It's a thing. Literally it's a thing.

    I think I read somewhere that there's a turbo feature. The left buttons only mean left right up down?
  2. On the TGM1 cab, there are pairs of left/right inputs -- one is the normal direction input, and one only registers for one frame. This allows you to trill two buttons for a very quick double tap.
  3. Muf


  4. Ha! Uncanny...my older brother is actually in the process of getting/making a very similar style pad for his Astro City.
    These pads certainly look interesting enough...I would definitely favor one over a standard joystick but I think I will just stick with my keyboard for now B)

    - Jono
  5. looks like it will kill hand after long hours playing. It might allow faster input but quicker to get fatigue as well.

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