Brook Ultimate Fighting Board Terror Instinct

Thread in 'Hardware' started by taitovlx, 12 Aug 2020.

  1. Trying to use the Brook UFB with Terror Instinct via altiinput.

    The buttons work, but the directional pad is all over the place. Anyone ever got the Brook UFB to work with Ti?
  2. Got this working...had to set the axes to -1 like the pov switches.
  3. I've never been able to get altinput to work with my Brooke UFB. What did you do to get it working? The only buttons it reads for me are the coin button and the test button. What mode is your UFB in? I usually have mine set to Xbox 360 mode but I've tried every single mode and none of them work.
  4. Can't remember for sure. It was in the default mode that it comes with, so I think Xbox One. You may want to try another version of altinput, there have a been a few releases.
  5. I might be able to help if you get your Input Device to work in joy.cpl
  6. I was finally able to get it to work. Zid on the absolute plus discord helped me. Turns out the the zip file on the altinput github page contains a faulty config file. It's missing a portion that tells you to enter your device's name. You can find your device's name in control panel (joy.cpl like TGGC is getting at). So the portion of the file I had to edit ended up looking like this:

    "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)"
    player 1

    because I tend to use my UFB in x360 mode. Works perfect now. Hope this helps someone

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