Bourg La Run, Paris, Dec 7-9th 2018

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    So, it seems we have a good French/European event with a fair bit of TGM. I figured I might as well ride the wave with @Tomek and offer another possibility of a meetup to everyone here!

    This time around, we have the opportunity of submitting a TGM block to Bourg La Run (I've been there twice.) Quoting the website, it will be in a place called "Les Colonnes" in Bourg-La-Reine, pretty close to Paris. It's a charity marathon for the AFM Téléthon which is a big charity in France. Dec 7-9 is the same weekend as the Téléthon itself so the donations will go into the (much) bigger total of 2018.

    I asked most of the active TGM players that I know in France, but "plus on est de fous, plus on rit" (the more the merrier.) So I'm gonna ping @Oshisaure . I'm looking for old ones like @Yoshiki Shoryu or Sephyross? nicofromtokyo? Some people don't seem to be taggable.

    Other ones? Just come in :D I want to make this a good meeting where all the Europeans can have a blast cheering on for some TGM during the weekend. Housing is definitely not possible in the venue itself but you can count on me to house a few people (there's bound to be many many options)

    If you want to participate in the marathon itself :
    1. Ping me
    2. I'll tell you how to submit a run with your Twitch account, only submit the part that you'll be doing
    3. Submissions close in a week. If you're late I can probably find a way
    Let's fighting love!
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