Bourg La Run, Paris, Dec 7-9th 2018

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    So, it seems we have a good French/European event with a fair bit of TGM. I figured I might as well ride the wave with @Tomek and offer another possibility of a meetup to everyone here!

    This time around, we have the opportunity of submitting a TGM block to Bourg La Run (I've been there twice.) Quoting the website, it will be in a place called "Les Colonnes" in Bourg-La-Reine, pretty close to Paris. It's a charity marathon for the AFM Téléthon which is a big charity in France. Dec 7-9 is the same weekend as the Téléthon itself so the donations will go into the (much) bigger total of 2018.

    I asked most of the active TGM players that I know in France, but "plus on est de fous, plus on rit" (the more the merrier.) So I'm gonna ping @Oshisaure . I'm looking for old ones like @Yoshiki Shoryu or Sephyross? nicofromtokyo? Some people don't seem to be taggable.

    Other ones? Just come in :D I want to make this a good meeting where all the Europeans can have a blast cheering on for some TGM during the weekend. Housing is definitely not possible in the venue itself but you can count on me to house a few people (there's bound to be many many options)

    If you want to participate in the marathon itself :
    1. Ping me
    2. I'll tell you how to submit a run with your Twitch account, only submit the part that you'll be doing
    3. Submissions close in a week. If you're late I can probably find a way
    Let's fighting love!
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  2. New planning :

    So, it's possible to restream this event. I've gotten the green light that we ourselves will be able to restream the visual feed of the French marathon itself into one of our English channels for the TGM block. The staff can also provide a bunch of graphical assets like the title logo or a fancy description banner of the event. If somebody wants to make a quick layout you can ask me and we'll get what you want.

    Also, the Germench Live stream (DE) seems also interested in restreaming the event! If it turns out to not be possible then we'll see what options we have. Maybe just an English restream? Maybe we'll have a third channel dedicated to German restream? Let me know what you think.

    Commentators (EN) : steadshot, FreakyByte, d4nin3u
    Commentators (DE) : steadshot, FreakyByte, d4nin3u, TGGC

    Will fill out this form after I get confirmation here. Tell if you're okay with English or German or both.

    Ping @Oliver @FreakyByte @d4nin3u @steadshot @Deeem2031
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  3. I'm usually pretty busy around December (and it's probably even worse this year), so even though I don't have anything planned on that date yet some important things might come up. Also I'm shit at commentary, especially if I were alone. It would be cool to do either English or German, but I unfortunately can't give you a definitive yes.

    Thanks for asking though! :)
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  4. Having a look at the schedule TGM block should be ~4pm to ~5pm on Saturday, right?

    ATM there's nothing hindering me from commentating, so I can give you a 99.99% yes (if that still is not enough I'll try my best to clarify the remaining 0.001%).
    Both German and English would be cool to do! Let's see what we can work out.

    I can't tell because I've never done that but I'll asume I'm not great either. I can guarantee you though you won't be alone :p

    (And thank you for asking! I feel honoured ^^ )
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  5. Yes, I'm free for German or English commentary.
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  6. I would also like to help in the german part, also because I am trying to get in contact with the germench Team for several years now. However I might be short on time for this weekend.
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  7. Thanks for your answers. Updated my post with everyone who's likely to do it
  8. So, for the German restream, it's definitely happening. I'll need to send discord IDs to the French organizer. Just send me your discord IDs @d4nin3u and @TGGC as I don't have them. If you don't have discord then you'll have the pleasure of creating an account for that opportunity :D
  9. TGGC#3155

    I will send you an information when I am blocked for the weekend soon.

    Who is organizing the german restream, some people from Germench?
  10. <There has been a Discord ID at some point in time. It's gone now>
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  11. You might want to remove your ids but I got them all and sent them to my French staff member.

    Yep it's people from Germench!
  12. Unfortunately I can only make it on the 9th, or maybe 8th very late evening.
  13. @TGGC unfortunately you won't be able to get there in time. Just double check with the planning that I posted recently.

    You all should be contacted shortly, tell me if that's still not happened in the last 24 hours
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