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    Hey all, for some days now i played this amazing game. I knew that that sort of "3D Tetris" existed, but haven't ever given it a try. It's a blast :)

    With this post i just want to recommend you to try it for a while, at the beginning the rotation can be a bit confusing but it's so rewarding to stay with it.

    Nothing to lose, but your free time, it's free and you can download the source.

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  2. for now i'm using all 6 rotation keys, but i wonder if it's better to just focus on 3 of them. Any experiences?
  3. For what it's worth, Block Out's JP Arcade version has only 2 rotation buttons, and its US Arcade version has 3. Using all 6 might allow for more optimal finesse (or at least to correct for rotation mistakes immediately), but I suppose players have been able to get used to quickly orienting the polycubes with just input strings of limited rotation buttons as well. I suppose it's up to preference and what works best for you in Blockout 2.

    I feel like one of the OG TC members was a Blockout 2 fan, although I can't recall exactly who...
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  4. How do you rotate on 3 axes with only two buttons? A, B, and A+B, could rotate one direction on each axis, I suppose?
  5. throw a xybots-style rotating stick in there and you could get 6 axes of rotation intuitively :p
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  6. The answer is "not directly." You only need two axes to reach all 24 rotation states, with a max cost of 5 inputs to reach the most "expensive" rotation states in the graph. This can be seen in the polycube chapter of SQR's Block Out guide. He also notes that the US version's extra rotation button cuts this to a max cost of 4 rotation inputs, but elects to omit a rotation diagram for three axes due to its complexity.
  7. Wasn't it SAL?
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