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    I've got a question concerning decay rate:

    1) When you clear 1 line, is decay rate frozen? Or must you clear 1 line and then again 1 line (combo) to freeze it?

    2) TGM3: In the beginning decay rate = 125 which is only 2 seconds. This means that if you dont clear a line, you will lose a grade point every 2 seconds?
  2. 1) a single will only maintain the current combo, it won't add to it. if combo > 1, then decay rate is frozen.

    2)Yes, for every 125 frames of active time with combo = 1, one grade point will be lost.
  3. Yeah, mushroom got it right.
  4. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer


    What if I make a double/tripple/4lines with 1 piece? Is this also counted as a combo?
    Or is a combo: clearing one or more lines when you have cleared one or more lines with a previous piece?
  5. From a combo-less start, if you clear a double or greater, the next pieces's active time does not drain grade points regardless of whether you clear lines with that piece or not.

    Once a combo is started, it is kept alive by any line clears including singles. When you place a piece that does not clear a line, starting with the next piece active time drains grade points.
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    Deniax Blockbox developer

  7. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Build 8.1.6-Build20081017-1563 is now installed

    (When playing, be sure to have update 10 installed of java! It's just out can improve performance quite a lot. Download it here:

    New feature:

    - TA Death mode can be chosen by pressing the expert button and chosing the "Sunglass Tetrimino icon" (highscores & replays aren't saved yet, will be fixed next week)

    Fixed bugs:

    - DAS bug fixed (Press and hold left or right. Then while keeping it pressed, press hold. The holded piece spawns at the left or right wall) (thanks Muf) (REPLAYS BEFORE THIS VERSION CAN BE BROKEN BECAUSE OF THIS FIX)
    - Clearing lines in credit roll sometimes makes some pieces visible (thanks Caffeine)
    - Changed speed settings to: (Thanks everyone on IRC) (This means the grades in the highscore are not correct [​IMG] But when the game goes live with 100% correct emulation of all, the highscores will be deleted so they will show the honest&correct highscores)

    Cool = skip speedsection.
    Regret = dont skip speedsection
    No cool and no regret = dont skip speedsection
    Cool + regret = skip speedsection

    - Changes as to when you see that you got a cool or a regret: (Thanks everyone on IRC)

    Show the Cool animation in level x80
    Show the Regret animation in level x00

    - No soundcard installed or driver not detected wont freeze the game (Thanks EIHoppe)
  8. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Version 8.1.8-Build20081020-1565

    Bug fixes

    - Behavior bug: When you press&hold soft drop --> piece hits floor --> locktime starts to deplete --> rotate --> the piece locks immediately <-- fixed (Thanks Jujube)

    - In SRS, pressing and holding soft drop, should not cancel lock delay anymore when the piece hits the floor or another piece (Thanks Jujube)

    - In SRS, when pressing&holding hard drop, the behavior will not carry over to the next spawned piece anymore (Thanks Jujube)

    - Fixed that 3 or more single clears after each other would give you garbage when combo = off in Custom Multiplayer Mode (Thanks Blink)

    - Fixed a bug with TGM3 decay rate not counted right (this means that the grades you got in the previous versions are a bit too high) (Thanks Muf, Colour-Thief, Mushrom, Kitaru)

    - Score in TA Death is working (Replays and Highscores are not working the ones you see are from Shirase)
  9. I think I found a strange bug. In any SRS mode, DAS to the wall followed by a move in the opposite direction does not work. So far, I've reproduced the problem on two PCs using Firefox. I'm not sure if the bug applies in ARS as well, but you might wanna check it out. It certainly wasn't there before the recent updates.
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    those bugs seem to be fixed deniax, thanks.

    blink and i were just playing a few games with TGM garbage, and we noticed that singles were sending garbage (with combos turned off). i'm not really familiar with this garbage, but blink was saying that singles shouldn't send anything. we did notice that the holes filled by the sender were identical to the holes received, which is correct from what i've heard.
  11. TGM should be 0/2/3/4 (0/4/6/8 with a bravo, no T-spin combo or b2b bonuses) with the garbage pattern matching what was there before the clearing piece was added, but the lines should be delivered upside down (so an L triple sends 3 lines, and the line of garbage with 2 holes should appear at the bottom of the 3).
  12. Yes, this happened to me too a lot last night.
  13. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Yeah, it's in ARS too. It will be fixed in the new release which is coming out in 12 hours.

    Yeah, it's a stupid bug [​IMG]
    Will also be fixed in the new release today.

    Hopefully I will also be able to finish 8 way movement.
  14. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Unfortunately, no 8-way movement yet, I had to fix some late behavior bugs that came up.
    Hopefully tomorrow [​IMG] Also tomorrow will be fixed that you can hard/firm drop while pressing left or right

    Version 8.1.8-Build20081020-1565

    Fixed bugs

    - Critical bug in TGM garbage fixed: Singles aren't adding 1 garbage anymore. Garbage was 1/2/3/4 where its 0/2/3/4 now (Thanks Blink & Jujube)

    - Critical bug in movement behavior fixed. DAS to the wall and then DAS to the other wall. If you do this quickly, the piece sometimes would not move (Thanks Jujube)

    - Another critical bug in the movement: When you presssed+hold left or right and then rapid pressed soft drop, this canceled the gravity

    New feature

    When you select a rotation scheme and go to the controls, the name of the drops will change to correspond to the rotation scheme.

    ARS: Firm drop (default up), Soft drop (default down)
    SRS: Hard drop (default up), Soft drop (default down)
    BRS: Hard drop (default up), Soft drop (default down)
  15. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    actually it was Kevin that pointed out the bug [​IMG]

    but i'd like to add something on the same subject. let's say you press and hold left, then press right. ideally the piece should cease moving left and start moving right (doesn't work in Blockbox). then if you release right with left still held, the piece should go back to the left (does works in Blockbox). this is a small detail, but if you're doing a DAS + tap back, there's really no reason why you should have to release the first key before tapping the other. it's a little quicker to tap back while releasing the first key.

    this behavior works partially in Lockjaw if you want to see what i'm talking about (left overrides right, but right does not override left). i think i let tepples know about the inconsistency, but that was around the time that he'd taken a break from working on his game. either left or right should be able to override the other.
  16. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Sorry for the day delay [​IMG]

    Version 8.1.9-Build20081023-1568 is installed

    New features

    - 8 way movement (enable it in Controls. 8 way will only work in 40 lines & multiplayer)
    - TGM1 is now ready. To select press the Marathon button. TGM1 = Marathon , TGM3 = Marathon 3. (Do not select the others, TAP will be ready tomorrow and pressing it now will crash the applet)
    - New behavior feature. Pressing and holding left, then press right. The piece should cease moving left and start moving right.
    Then if you release right with left still held, the piece should go back to the left.

    Bug fixes

    - Several piece behaviors
    - Disabled floor kicks in Marathon (TGM) and TA Death (Expert)
    - The tripple win animation is now spelled with 1 P [​IMG]


    - Snooping seems broken with this release. Will be fixed tomorrow.
    - Highscore for TA death shows the Shirase highscores [​IMG] Will be fixed tomorrow
  17. jujube

    jujube Unregistered



    thanks for the updates. everything feels great now [​IMG]
  18. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Nice to hear that Jujube, and thank you for your time to explain it to me
  19. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    And another new version is installed [​IMG]

    Version 8.1.9-Build20081024-1573

    New features

    - Multiplayer ARS & SRS behaviors in custom are now the same as in Rated
    - TAP Master mode implemented* including leaderboard support (It's called Marathon 2)


    - Highscores and replays now work for TA Death

    * Important question concerning ARE during DAS in TAP Master. I don't really understand it, so I hope someone can help me out.
    I have the info beneath which I've quoted, but I still don't really understand how "DAS during ARE" should behave and or works.

    The info I have:
  20. It would be nice if there were a way to start a new game without taking your hands off the controls to the mouse. Maybe there is and I just don't know about it? Anyhow, it's a mild annoyance on keyboard but with an arcade stick it's more troublesome.

    Also, ARS in 40 lines and VS hasup/down inverted. This should be changed so that people can do zangi moves with the same muscle memory as TGM games. I'm surprised other ARS players haven't mentioned this yet.

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