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  1. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Oops, for rated, DAS is set to 16 ms and delay of 133 ms and no 0 as I wrote [​IMG]
  2. What about number of preview pieces? Ideally this should be set for all players in the match. And I'm not sure if your game detects T-Spins, B2Bs, or combos, but if it does, the ability to turn off those features is vital.
  3. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    A that is a nice one.

    Preview pieces: Off & 1,2,3 or 4 (the max possible in the game)
  4. So right after I edited my above post, I saw you quickly reply. I'll put my edit in a separate post then: I'm not sure if your game detects T-Spins, B2Bs, or combos, but if it does, the ability to turn off those features is vital.
  5. Muf


    I would say: Off, 1, 3, or 7 previews. Do keep in mind that because of the nature of the randomiser (piece set is predetermined at game start) people could always set a watchpoint to give themselves more previews, and there is little you could do about it.
  6. Not related to the gameplay: In multiplayer there should be a number indicating how many rounds each player has won. Let's say we have 4 players playing a game and before they started they decide "first to 10 wins" or "best of 7" etc. So as long as they decide to continue playing there should be an indication of how many rounds each player has won so they don't have to count manually.
    And another small thing: Timestamps in chat?

    Also: Highscores gone from the game at the moment?
  7. orz


    any word on a release date for this?

    i'm pretty excited
  8. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Burbruee: When the game starts and you see (%playername, are you ready? 3..2..1..Go) , at the bottom I could make it so that you see:
    Won: 9
    Lost: 1

    Timestamps, maybe later


    I hope in 2 months. This is somewhat later than I had planned, this is because of the implementation of new features such as TGM and TGM2 gameplay implementation, Doubles, the ability to save and load replays and other 22 open issues

    LANAsiDOOG Unregistered

    awesome job so far, you are very skilled! i can't wait for the doubles implementation
  10. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Concerning the Tournament/Custom Options, I have two questions for the following options:

    Lockdown (entry reset / step reset* / move reset / classic)
    entry reset : Every new piece has its own locktime which wont reset
    step reset: Lock delay resets when a piece moves down
    move reset: Lock delay resets when a piece moves
    classic: Direct lock when piece lands

    With the bold option, what should happen if SRS is selected? Should SRS overrule this, or should SRS benefit from this option?

    Also: Floor kicks (0- 99)

    What if ARS is selected where you can do only 1 floorkick? I guess the Floor kick section should overrule it?
  11. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    SRS doesn't force move reset in Lockjaw. Perhaps another lockdown option "Set by rotation system" might help.

    And you actually don't need "classic" if you have "entry reset" and ability to reduce lock delay to 1 frame or less. But if you'll be supporting "classic", carefully consider your definition of "landed" as it relates to fractional Y coordinates.
  12. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Build 8.0.8-Build20081001-1544 is now installed and running

    Please bare with me that there could be bugs in the Tournament/Custom multiplayer options. If you find any, please let me know.


    - When SRS is selected, the firm drop button now really firm drops (so no more lock delay).
    - Fixed a bug that in some situations could lead to a crash
    - Fixed a bug in the Highscore server which sometimes caused your highscore not to appear immediately (Thanks Red Star)

    - Multiplayer Tournament / Custom options (Thanks all at Tetrisconcept and thanks Tepples for letting me use quite some custom options from Lockjaw)

    Rotation System (ARS,SRS,BRS,ALL*)
    This selects the Rotation System that can be used. So if SRS is selected, all players will use SRS. If ALL is selected, the players current set rotation system will be used.

    Gravity (0* - 20)
    You can fill in two digits, ranging from 0 to 20

    ARE (set in frames , default =0)
    You can fill in two digits, ranging from 0 to 99

    Line Clear delay (set in frames, default =0)
    You can fill in two digits, ranging from 0 to 99

    Lock delay (set in frames, default =0)
    You can fill in two digits, ranging from 0 to 99

    DAS 4 everyone (enabled*/disabled)
    If enabled, everyone who joins a game gets an overlay telling the player:
    DAS 4 everyone is enabled, please set your DAS settings (DAS Speed & DAS Delay)

    Also, if its enabled, the following 2 DAS options will be grayed out:

    DAS speed (set in frames)
    You can fill in two digits for speed

    DAS delay (set in frames)
    You can fill in three digits for delay

    Lockdown (entry reset / step reset* / move reset / classic)
    entry reset : Every new piece has its own locktime which wont reset
    step reset: Lock delay resets when a piece moves down
    move reset: Lock delay resets when a piece moves
    classic: Direct lock when piece lands

    Floor kicks (0- 99, default = 1)
    You can fill in two digits, ranging from 0 to 99 for the number of floor kicks that are permitted

    Hold Piece (on*/off)
    Dropdown menu with on/off option

    IRS (on*/off)
    Dropdown menu with on/off option

    Garbage (BGS, *Tennis, Random, GM, Off)
    Dropdown menu with the garbage options

    T-Spins & B2B (On / Off *)
    Dropdown menu with the options

    Number of preview (0, 1 or 3*)
    Dropdown menu 0, 1 or 3
  13. I see that this Gravity setting is in G. However, this makes it so the user cannot set anything slower than 1G and in general does not allow for very fine grained control. Possibly a better measurement here would be a number that is equal to how many frames (assuming 60fps) it takes for a piece to drop a square. Therefore, 60 = 1G, 120 = 2G, lower than 60 is progressively slower, and 1200 is 20G. I believe this is how Heboris does it.

    Shouldn't these be separate options?

    The other thing I noticed is that when I set the speed to 20G and pressed the lock button, the board instantly filled up with pieces. I think the game should probably wait for the lock button to be released before it locks another piece, right?

    Other suggestions I have would be to have presets for the different game types out there, like TGM1, TGM2, Death, TGM3, Shirase, TDS, etc. That way people could quickly have fun VS matches with familiar settings and a minimum of fuss. Also, putting all of the options, including the presets, into the single player section would be nice as well.

    edit: It would also be nice if at some point an offline version could be made. I have a small UMPC type computer, and it isn't always on the net, so a downloadable version would be really handy for me and others as well.
  14. Muf


    Heboris Mini does it the same way as TAP:
    Gravity = value / 256
    Thusly, 5120 = 20G
  15. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer


    IMPORTANT, don't press the practice button, because the applet will freeze. [​IMG]


    Fixed bugs:

    - Soft drop behaviour in multiplayer is now correct. Pressing & holding soft drop won't carry over to the next piece anymore (Thanks Rosti & Caffeine)
    - Fixed bug that sometimes in 40 lines when you would finish with clearing 2 lines, the game would freeze
    - Fixed the problem that level and rotation scheme are on top of each other in the highscorelist.

    New features:

    - Added GM (Garbage Master) garbage (TGM style)
    - Added 30% garbage (TDS style) (Thanks Blink)
    - New custom option called "Garbage Distro".. It has two options: Garbage 2 all (default) and Garbage to single. Garbage 2 all means that when there are 4 players in the game and 1 one them sends 3 lines of garbage, all players will get 3 lines of garbage (Thanks Caffeine)
    - In Custom mode, T-spins and B2B are now separated from each other (Thanks Ezzelin)
    - Changed the default values in Custom game (Thanks Caffeine)
    - Custom mode VS: Gravity should be filled in in G now ( Gravity = value / 256 ) (Thanks Ezzelin)
    - When starting a custom game where the "DAS 4 EVERYONE" option is enabled, you will get an overlay asking you to fill in the DAS delay & speed. Please note that you must fill in the DAS speed in G!!
    - Highscore field now supports longer names
    - Removed grades/cools/regrets from multiplayer games
    - Leaderboard now supports 1 million+ users and will still be very fast when browsing through the results (Who knows where to find 1 million users that will play the game? [​IMG] )
    - In VS games, you won't be able to start a game until everyone is ready. This gives players the time to see the settings (handy when you're joining a custom game)
  16. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    And again another version [​IMG]

    Version 8.1.1-Build20081006-1551

    Fixed bugs for this release:

    - Soft drop input now doesn't carry over to the next piece anymore in Marathon (TGM3 Ti mode)
    - Fixed a bug that pressing&holding left or right did not get carried over to the next piece (so no DAS was possible)
    - Credit roll graphical glitches fixed
    - Multiplayer rated now uses ARE 0, Line Clear 0 as settings

    Todo features:

    - TGM, TAP, TAP+ single&multiplayer complete with replay&leaderboard functionality
    - Personal statistics showing you all your current grades for all modes
    - TAP: Doubles
    - Ability to save & load replays (single player, multiplayer, teams, etc)
    - Multiplayer 40 lines (play 40 lines against each other)
    - When playing a team game, you will be able to choose between Beat the Score Marathon or Expert. This is basically the same as single player, but now as a team, you must get the highest possible grade possible for the leaderboards
    - Add a command /noswoosj to remove the piece trail you see when you use hard drop (Thanks Kitaru)
    - When you're viewing a replay, pressing UP will skip 1 minute , if you press DOWN it will reverse 1 minute, pressing RIGHT it will skip 10 seconds, pressing LEFT will go back 10 seconds
    - On the mainscreen there will be a highscore button so you can access the highscores more conveniently
    - Presets for custom multiplayer: TDS, TAP, Ti (So you don't have to make all the custom settings yourself)
    - "Play Blockbox while waiting for new round in multiplayer" (Thanks Meroigo)

    Todo bugs:

    - In team-mode, sometimes the pieces get stuck in mid air
    - Filtering on your friends doesn't work in the highscore list
    - When watching a replay, it says your name, like you are the one playing (Thanks Kitaru)
    - When you are snooping and the game ends, you see an empty replay field
    - In a game, press Alt+R and before releasing Alt, press Space, then release everything. Then start playing (it holds every piece that spawns) (Thanks Kitaru)
  17. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all the input, even in the hectic TOJ time [​IMG]
    Special thanks for this "Muf-release" goes to Muf [​IMG]

    TGM3 Ti Master & Shirase should now be better emulated then what Texmaster and Heboris do.
    Please, if you find any problems let me know!
    I will now start work on TGM, TAP, TAP+ and Doubles

    Fixed bugs for this release:

    - Initial shift bug has been fixed (Thanks Muf) (Please note, that because of this change, the replays that were stored before this release are broken)
    - In custom options, DAS speed has been renamed to Shift gravity and DAS speed has been renamed to DAS (Thanks Muf)
    - Fixed a problem that sometimes in multiplayer some players would begin faster than others (Thanks Muf)
    - In 40 lines, you will game over after 59 minutes. Otherwise you could cheat and get a new highscore in 40 lines [​IMG] (Thanks Muf)
    - Bug in the Torikan rule: For example Expert, when you clear 4 lines at level 499 , your time is up at level 503. Now it should pull back to level 500 (Thanks Kitaru)
    - Wachting a player play won't freeze your game anymore
    - Fixed a problem that sometimes some options would become grayed-out/not selectable
    - When you're last on the highsorelist page, the bottom of the page won't highlight anymore.
    - Fixed a bug in the Multiplayer rated system
    - Fixed a problem that when you maneuver a piece in such a way that one cell of the piece is on row 21 and then you make a line(and thus the whole piece should be visible), the cell of that piece that was in row 21 or 22, isn't visible.

    New features for this release:

    - Added line clear sounds (Thanks Heboris [​IMG] )
    - Added "combo garbage option" to the custom options (Thanks Blink)
    - Custom game settings will be reset to default when you leave custom game
    - Animations & sounds when someone in multiplayer wins multiple times
    - New Highscore animation time has drastically been shortened
  18. Nice one Deniax. I think it's really good how committed you are to the development of this thing and fixing every possible niggling bug.
  19. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Hi guys,

    Yesterday Muf, Digital, Red Star, AI and me had fun playing multiplayer BlockBox, Now, playing a rated game with 5 players means that the games will
    be very short because of the many garbage you can get.

    Currently the garbage distribution system works like this:

    player A makes garbage for player B
    When he makes garbage next time it will send to player C, then to player D and tho player B again.
    So it is possible that one player will get garbage from 2 other players.

    For example in star craft, the same situation exists: (1x1x1...). You can die after 2-3 minutes and it is not very important if you are a good player or not.
    But good players in games like 1x1 or 2x2 last much longer then in 1x1x1x1...

    What could be solutions to make games a bit more longer? And is this wishable? Or should I make multiplayer games with 3+ players last longer? And if yes, any suggestions?
  20. Muf


    Make garbage targets exclusive, e.g. if player B is targeted by player A he cannot be targeted by player C until player A targets another player.

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