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  1. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Currently the team mode isn't ready yet. Also, the problem with doubles & online is lag. It's impossible to create a smooth online doubles mode.

    What is possible (and that's the method I use), is the following:

    Gamefield is 20 cells wide. Player one has the left 10 cells, player two has the right 10 cells. In the middle there will be a "forcefield" which prevents you to go to the others players field.
    That way, lag won't matter that much. Anyway, a doubles mode will be implemented, with the only difference that you can't move your piece to your opponents field.
  2. Muf


    It's pretty playable on Kaillera. It'll be a challenge, but I do intend to attempt to implement a satisfyingly playable online Doubles mode.
  3. I seem to remember Digital and Rosti nearly getting sub-5 over Kaillera.
  4. We were a fraction away.
    I don't doubt that we could get easily under 5 minutes now if we tried. It's been a long time since we did it, and I've improved a lot.

    Kaillera having the problem of network lag and also input lag as well due to the version of Mame being used. As long as the game or somewhere knows where the pieces should be. It's rare for both players (if they're good) to try and place their pieces in the same place anyway.
  5. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Ok, besides Team Play, the Doubles mode as you all know it from the famous game will be implemented. It's a very small change from what has been coded for Team Play anyway.

    I will also have a look how to counter the lag as much as possible to make the gameplay as smooth as possible.

    But don't expect Doubles in a couple of weeks, first single player must be perfect, there are 28 bugs left that need to be fixed and a dozen of features to be implemented

    LANAsiDOOG Unregistered

    wait, so.. you are putting online doubles mode in? with players being able to move in the same field?
  7. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Yes, it will be implemented.
  8. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Im having a problem. Currently my game displays the grade "live" just like texmaster. The only difference is that when you get a cool with my game (or a regret), your grade is also immediately updated. Now, this gives a problem for the rules initiating the invisible roll. I cant set it to S7 because of the liveupdating. Im thinking of setting it to (current live grade) - 9 . If this is S7 or higher, it will initiate the invisible roll
  9. Muf


    Just maintain an internal grade counter, a cool counter, and a displayed grade counter.
  10. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer


    Another important question:
    For BlockBox, I want to define the ultimate setting for rated multiplayer game. Of course in the future, all timings&settings will be fully customizable, but there can only be one setting for RATED multiplayer. What non-changable settings should that be?

    How much G?
    What timings?
    What garbage type?
    Should timings change after for example 2 minutes?
    Should you be able to play multiplayer against an SRS opponent if you have selected ARS
    Things I forgot?
  11. Use the 40 lines settings. Maybe have a 3 minute timer, after which 20G gets enforced.
  12. Edit: It's very possible I'm misunderstanding what you mean when you say there can only be one setting for Rated multiplayer. If so, ignore my first paragraph.

    I don't see why there can't be more than one rated game type. I think you should just have each "standard" mode allow for rated multiplayer, with a different rating for each. So people who play Expert will have an Expert rating, and if they also play 40 lines, they'll have a separate rating for that. I completely understand you don't want to have multiplayer ratings for completely custom games, but please at least consider having more than just one rated game mode. I think it'd be cool to see how I stack up against others in 20G and a "Master" type mode. Stuff like that. That being said, if there really can only be one, I'd prefer something similar to master mode, as opposed to 40 lines.

    I don't know a lot about different garbage types, so I can't answer that one.

    As for being able to play against someone with a different rotation system... I don't really see why not... but I would personally prefer to always play against someone who was using the same rotation system. If it's not too much trouble, perhaps you can make that an option as well?
    "Only play against other using the same rotation system/No Preference"

    Anyway, the game looks fantastic so far and I'll probably enjoy it no matter what you do with it. Keep up the good work.
  13. I second this.
  14. I back the option for a setting of "only allow players with same rotation system" to be turned on or off. It does make a difference, especially at 20G, but if people don't mind about the shortfalls of whatever system they're using then they should be able to play.
  15. Random garbage. After two minutes, the well gets one row shorter every ten seconds (like solid rows of garbage comes up from underneath). Players get same sequence of tetrominoes and garbage.
  16. I never liked the shortening field thing that games like TOJ had. It gave every single game a finite time frame.
    I really like it when you get an epic game that goes on for quite a while. I suppose it's different if both players are crap and taking ages, or if you've died and you're waiting for it to finish, but when I'm battling it out with someone for what feels like at least ten minutes it makes it even more tense, because the time you've invested is an extra incentive not to lose.

    I agree with the random garbage though.
  17. Maybe I'm missing something. What's the point of changing to 20G after three minutes, then? I don't think it would really make either player die, but I thought maybe you thought it would.
  18. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Thanks everybody for your input.

    Multiplayer rated will be set with the following settings:

    Gravity: 0G
    DAS: 16 ms with delay of 133 ms
    ARE: 0ms
    Lockdelay: 0ms
    Garbage: Random
    Only play against other using the same rotation system: Off

    Concerning having different ratings for different modes, that is "impossible" to make because of the many options that can be set (see my next post). Thats why I want only 1 "Official TC Setting". Of course, in custom mode you can set up a multiplayer game with the settings you want, but your rating won't be affected.

    What the game will have other to rating & score is your "exam score" . This will be next to your rating, directly visible in the playerlist.

    Now, the following ratings/highscores will be saved:

    Single Player
    Easy/Classic (Score will be saved)
    MaraTion (Grade and Timescores (0-100, etc) will be saved)
    Expert (Grade and Timescores (0-100, etc) will be saved)
    40 lines (Time will be saved)

    Rated (your rating will be saved)

    Team Highscore attack
    Your teamscore for MaraTion (Grade and Timescores (0-100, etc) will be saved)
    Your teamscore for Expert (Grade and Timescores (0-100, etc) will be saved)
    Your teamscore for 40 lines (Time will be saved)

    Team Highscore Rated (Team vs Team)
    Rated (your rating will be saved)
  19. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    You will be able to set the following Custom Game options when creating a Multiplayer game:

    Rotation System (ARS,SRS,BRS)
    Only allow players with same rotation system (yes/no)
    ARE (set in milliseconds)
    Line Clear delay (set in milliseconds)
    Lock delay (set in milliseconds)
    DAS (two entries, speed & delay set in ms)
    Lockdown (entry reset / step reset)
    Floor kicks (0- 99)
    Hold Piece on/off
    IRS (on/off)
    Garbage (BGS, Tennis, Random, GM, Off)

    Am I missing some options you guys would like to see?
  20. There should be some sort of DAS value which isn't zero for the default settings.

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