Thread in 'Discussion' started by Deniax, 2 Apr 2008.

  1. I think he means there's something wrong with the timings.
  2. Hey Deniax!

    I need my password resetting. I can't reset it myself or get it sent to me since you created my account for me on an email which isn't mine. Any chance I could get this fixed? Thanks!
  3. KevinDDR I just passed you the other day on Tetris Splash 40 line ;) I just started playing blockbox a couple weeks ago when i got this new computer that actually works for it. I play at around 100, maybe just over tpms. Anyone want to play some time? IM me on aim, my name is Shibbypod, it goes to my phone.
  4. Hi Shibbypod
    I'm around that speed too maybe a bit faster hope we can play sometime
    I'm in BB almost all the time so you'll probably find me there easily

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