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  1. Just played some of those new custom presets.

    I don't know if there's a bug, or just lag.

    I was playing JAPANESE against two other players, and three times while we were playing it happened that all of a sudden the round was over and the other guy popped up as the
    "winner". Yet my stack was all the way down at the bottom two rows..

    Just lag?
  2. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    No it's not lag, it's a bug :(
    It seems to happen in single player also. If it happens in single player, please save the replay, that will certain help fixing the bug
  3. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Mayor release!

    Version 9.5.3-Build20090731-1997

    New features:

    - Added new control method: Modded control. Based on Modded Mame.

    - VS X Now you can play a very fast team game or 3v1, 4v1, etc. People who played Tetrinet will know this kind of gameplay (Snooping is bugged in this mode, as is DAS as it wont use your custom set DAS in VSX mode will be fixed in a few days).

    - Garbage counter. This shows how high the garbage will come the next turn.

    - Combo counter. Counts the combo's in Multiplayer games and all Marathon & Expert games

    - Added EZ-Tspin support

    Bug Fixes

    - Fixed a bug that canceled a drop while holding drop in ARE after clearing a line

    - Fixed some more T-Spin recognitions

    - Fixed a bug in multiplayer where the game suddenly would freeze

    - Fixed a "pre IRS" bug, which would cause all pieces to come out pre rotated with you doing nothing

    - Fixed B2B recognition. It added +1 for 1st B2B and then +2 for 2nd B2B
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  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    For some reason i cannot load the game, any suggestions?
  5. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    To load Blockbox, you need Java 6 (pref. update 14) . Also Blockbox does not work on a Mac
  6. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Version 9.5.4-Build20090803-2000

    Bug fixes:

    - You won't need to select your team after each round in VSX
    - Snooping VSX games now works
    - VSX games won't show up as "null games" in the gamelist anymore
    - Your own DAS settings are now also usable in VSX
    - Making 10 or more combo's, won't freeze the game anymore
  7. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Version 9.5.5-Build20090805-2002

    Bug fixes:

    - Snooping VSX games will now show the team colors.
    - Fixed garbage style in VSX so it's not a pattern anymore
    - Fixed a bug in Team Marathon where you could put a piece on an empty cell and it would float.


    - In VSX garbage 2 all is activated (So in a 1v2 player game, if player that is playing alone makes 3 lines, 2 lines are send to all players in the other team)
    - In VSX , pressing ALT+R will let the game go into team choose mode again
    - Removed the 4 lines in a row = send 1 garbage line" feature
    - In rated games, garbage is now send to all players
    - Marathon or Expert modes will now select "modded control" as default in stead of 4-way
    - Garbage system is now different:

    2 or 3 players in game:
    4 lines = 4 garbage
    3 lines = 2 garbage
    2 lines = 1 garbage

    4 or 5 players in game:
    4 lines = 3 garbage
    3 lines = 1 garbage
    2 lines = 0.5 garbage
  8. I'm having a weird problem.

    This shouldn't be happening. See the weird corruption in the upper left corner? It happens on tesselate too, but not in the BB menus. Any ideas? I already reinstalled Java.

  9. Oh! That happened to me except it was with the chatbox. That's probably caused because you scrolled down while the game was loading.
  10. idk if anyone tried yet. but i am running the latest build of mac os 10.6 and it works.
  11. Muf


    Bug: kotetsu was saying in custom games with forced step reset, SRS players are still able to use move reset.
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    There is still this absolutly boring bug when I try to type something between 2 rounds, the focus on the text board is lost sometime, for example, I can't make any comment to kitaru when I play Nordik walk with him, I have to close our team session and restart it then..
  13. I figured out what that was today. When you are at the "game end" dialog, and someone sends text to the chat, your focus is stolen. As long as nobody else talks you can keep typing.

    I know there's plenty of work in progress on Blockbox already, but I was kicking around an idea just now in chat and was suggested to post it here for possible implementation. It is an idea for a 2v2 game type to promote closer teamwork between each team. Implementation is simple: garbage is sent FROM both members of a team, TO one member of the other team. The teams can choose who of their members receives garbage first. After that player loses, the other player receives garbage.

    I thought it sounded interesting to play, and probably really easy to implement (perhaps as a Custom VS option somehow), though I guess the "choosing" part would require a little extra work. Anyway, what do you think, Deniax? Willing to give it a shot?
  14. is bb down right now or something? i clicked the link and I can't get to the site. help!
  15. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    New version 9.6.3-Build20090820-2022 has been installed.

    Bug fix: Fixed the bug that in the end of a multiplayer game, you end up in a wrong place (so where you should have gotten 2nd place, you get 3rd place)

    PS Mac users, when Snow Leopard will come out the 28th , Blockbox will work right away!
  16. Does it have the continuous-rotation if the button is held down issue in Snow Leopard, or is that a Linux-only thing?
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I don't know if that was a bug and if it fixable :

    I was doing very well a marathon 1 (marathon 1 ! if it would have been an expert ti, I would have not cared but a marathon 1 is fucking boring..)

    I pressed esc to pause the game because I had to scratch my nose, and when I relaunched the game, my tetriminos all went to the left side, like my left input was locked..>:(
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Deniax I am sure there is a default with the timing of EXPERT TA..With ARS at least..If I am wrong, I accept to ba banned from here and BB for 1 month.
  19. What do you mean?

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