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  3. Since I hear there's updates coming I figured I'd note a couple things in the thread for reference... I went back some few pages, but I can't search the thread easily so I apologize if I'm repeating anything.

    I don't know how it's "supposed" to be, but it would be really nice if drop keys took precedence over shift keys. If you are holding left, for example, and you press drop, it ought to drop the piece. (Yes, I know 8-way controls fix this, but they net a different problem for me, and this behavior wouldn't directly conflict with the 4-way concept, it'd just be an implicit release of the shift key or something like that.)

    "Participants" in the game list view is spelled "Partipants", which I rather like, but is still a typo.

    I experienced the following glitch:

    I left a game while it was going (to reconfig my controls), but my opponent didn't want to play further, so I went to spectate another game (I believe it was a team game). When that game ended, I saw the end of game dialog for my previous vs game, not the end of game dialog for the team game.

    Also relating to team mode, it says "myndzi, are you ready?" when spectating, and it'd be nice to be able to switch which team is on the "big" view. Player names on the "big" and maybe small views would be nice too.

    Last up, a few requests of minor importance:

    - I miss Tetrinet style team games (garbage to all except allies, none of this shared field stuff), they would be nice to have.

    - A limit on the number of players when creating the game would be nice too, especially with the number of 1v1 league games being played lately. It would readily indicate to other players that the game is off limits; also in 1v1 games, it would be possible to display both fields at full size, which would be really cool.

    - A little rearranging to be able to view the active/waiting games while in a game, spectating, or creating a game, would be nice.

    - Spectator mode seems to be a little glitchy in certain ways. The rotation mode seems to default to ARS(?) even when the player you are watching is using SRS, same for the high scores displayed when a game ends. I seem to recall one particular instance when I was spectating and trying to figure this out where I saw a player drop a cyan I-block and then a red I-block. All further I-blocks were red.

    - I don't know if it is intentional, but it seems that you are unable to see the "holes" in a player's garbage while playing, but they appear once you top out or for spectators.

    That's all I can think of for the time being. Great work on this, it immediately became my favorite Tetris game ever :)
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  4. It is intentional, and it is messed up for TGM garbage because sometimes you can see some of the holes even when you are playing.
  5. You can set games to invite only, but I don't know if there's anything to show people that a game is invite only.

    A 1v1 VS option would be pretty good though if it changed the view to just two playing fields.
  6. Muf


    As TGM garbage is directly related to the opponent's clears there's no reason to hide it.
  7. I don't like that "feature" then -- I don't see a reason to hide that information from the opponents...

    Default garbage is the same for both players, so by the same logic there's no reason to hide that either. (Logic being it is "already known")

    I'm not sure why that choice was made, but I'd rather see it as a feature in custom than the default.
  8. The reason garbage is hidden is so that you can't see where the next holes are before getting them. Say for instance at the start of a game you send a quick tetris, look at your opponent's field and find the first hole, now you have an advantage because you can potentially set up your stack around that hole, but they couldn't because as far as they knew the hole could've been anywhere.

    And I don't know if you read my post right, muf, but TGM garbage is glitched, if I send a line of garbage with 2 holes in it, it's possible I'll see one of the holes, this happens all the time, the point is that the game is supposed to hide all of the holes from me and doesn't do a good job with TGM garbage.
  9. That's all I had to read, whoops! How come I didn't think of that?
  10. Though personally I see nothing wrong with letting players do this. I think it adds depth to the game.
  11. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    New version Version 9.4.5-Build20090714-1955 installed


    - During countdown & gameover, you wont lose focus anymore (chat)
    - Removed Avg. 4blocks, t-spins and replaced them with Survivor time and Driller time
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  12. I'm requesting an explanation of what exactly BRS is. So far what I've gathered is that it's SRS with firm drop (Zangi Moves!), without infinite spins, and with the kick that allows T-Spin triples removed, but I want to know what else there is to it, if anything. No one seems to really know what it is, and I only found this stuff out by messing with it.

    With the 20G rated games being considered, I recommend adding a mode that has the same timings as Marathon 3, except fixed at 20G to get people used to the concept of 20G.

    And in case 20G rated games don't make it (or even if they do), I'd like a way to save custom settings for vs. games so you don't have to remember them every time you want to play the same game.
  13. I'm still bothered that I have to reconfigure my buttons everytime I switch from playing versus, 40lines, survivor, block driller etc games to marathon and nordic walk type of games.

    Currently, UP is a lock, and it's a sonic lock at the first type of games I mentioned, and a gradual downwards movement at the last type of games I mentioned. Down is standard a drop, and a sonic drop at both versions.

    For me, I'm not so much accustomed to UP being a lock, but more to UP being sonic. This means I have to switch the UP and DOWN buttons everytime I change between these types of games.

    An option that the button configuration is saved per games type would work... or an option that UP is standard sonic for the marathon type of games would also work.
  14. I definitely prefer it the way it is because it means I don't have to use UP almost at all for VS or 40 lines, so wouldn't want the up/down swap to be removed.

    Maybe just an option to turn the control swapping on or off in the expert controls part? In the same way you can turn World Reverse on or off in Heboris. It'd be less work than having completely separate controls for every one.
  15. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Version 9.4.6-Build20090717-1962

    New Features:

    - Removed the 3,2,1 countdown when starting games
    - Avg combo's replaced with APM
    - When the pieces spawn at the top, they will come in front of the "well graphics"

    Fixed Bugs

    - Fixed a rotation/irs bug (whel holding more rotation buttons at the same time and IRS, the next piece didn't IRS)
  16. Yeah im having some issues with Lag i didn't have before. I have Java 6 update 14 i don't use Explorer and i use blockbox with all windows closed. I had my computer built and im pretty sure the videocard is good. Is there anything else you think could possibly cause lag. If you are playing against a player who is experiencing lag will that affect you? i seem to always experience lag when i play Ped0pille and he is always lagging out.
  17. You need a connection which has at least some upload bandwidth too. If you're using torrents I find it can also cause a bit of lag as well.
  18. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Version has been rollbacked due to a bug
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  19. Muf


    Do what upy did in his Modded MAME:

    hold left, then press up = up
    hold right, then press down = down
    hold up, then press right = right
    hold left, then press right = right
    hold right, then press left = left
    (I think you got the point now)

    Aannnnd, more importantly:

    press up and down at the same time = up (in other words, when both drop and lock are pressed simultaneously, the non-locking drop gets prioritised)
    press left and right at the same time = do nothing!

    These last two are corner cases and "shouldn't happen" -- but as we all know things that shouldn't happen happen all the time, so best handle them elegantly.
  20. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Version 9.4.8-Build20090721-1973


    - Two new VS Custom presets: KOREAN and JAPANESE. No more reason to play "somewhere" else :D

    - In Custom mode, changed combos to award garbage thusly: +1, +1, +2, +2, +3, +3, and +4 for every additional combo after that.

    -Added custom VS option: Garbage countering (default off)

    What this does, before adding garbage to the player's well, it takes the difference between the number of incoming rows or garbage and the number of rows the player is currently sending garbage (in total).
    If the difference is positive, it will add the number of rows that remain uncountered to the well. If the difference is negative, it will add its absolute value to the opponents pending garbage rows.

    - Added Garbage Blocking (default off)
    If the player's current tetromino clears one or more lines, incoming garbage will not be added. If garbage countering is enabled, the total number of incoming rows will be reduced as necessary with each clear.

    - Next round will now be shown as default, whatever your previous choice was

    - In expert control, a new checkbox has appeared with option: "reverse up/down for 0G" which is default off. Enabling it will.. well reverse up and down

    - When playing with a preset, it now shows the chosen preset in the gamelist. So for in stead of "VS Other" , for example "VS TDS"

    Bug fixes

    - Some Tspins were not recognized (mostly when against a wall)

    - In the My replays tab, you can now put your replay in the chat so other players can click on this icon and watch your replay. This now also works with all replays!

    - Playing Nordic Walk now wont stop anymore at level 998, but it will show level 999 if you die because you did not met all for the credit roll

    Note: There is "moded" control selectable in the dropdown menu for Control mode, dont select it. More on that in tomorrows release :)

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