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    I remember it being like that with our 4-way Blocktrix matches last year, and that may be exactly the behaviour meow is asking for.
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    Deniax get rid of Avg. 4blocks, t-spins, combos, and secret form.
    add APM, Survivor time and Driller time

    The 2v2 has a delay after each drop making it super slow. U gotta incorporate clan tags on this sometime, and eventually in the future have their be 6 slots instead of 5 so that we can do 3v3 team games. ive told u before that in the chat lobby it limits the length of your message stopping you in mid-sentence which is annoying.
  3. Which randomizer do rated vs. matches use?
  4. I think everything uses Memory 4.
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    I tried it today. But somehow it gives me the feeling the playfield is too long. I played my worst 40 lines match ever, though the fact i'm sleep deprived because of the heat might play parts in that. I can't see the preview piece while i'm looking at the bottom of the field. I don't have that problem with other tetris implementations that have the preview above the field.

    I just gave it a second try to double check. If i try really hard to glance up and down i play a bit faster, but i really have to focus and fall back on using the shadow piece as preview. It obviously kicks in the processing of the positioning of that block in my mind at the moment i should already be placing it. Glancing up and down also seems to slow me down because i can't focus on the task at hand.

    And btw. I have the game open now, it steals my cursor away from this window, really annoying. Almost as annoying as the resising of the browser, that's a usability no no ...
  6. Browser resizing irritates me as well.

    Never known anyone else have problems seeing the next piece. Unless your monitor is omgwtf huge (or you're sitting too close), you should easily be able to see the colour of the next piece out of the corner of your eye, even when looking at the base of the field.
  7. I think I'm somewhere between 50 and 100cm away from my monitor, depending if i play relaxed sit back or focussed. I also tend to bend over when i write being too close to the paper.

    But i played tetrisfriends for an hour paying extra attention at the preview and it did improve my gameplay. So the whole experience has been whorth it.

    I do recall havind difficulty with TGM on full screen as well, i played it 320x240. And i play lots of mobile tetris and tetris DS. Maybe that's part of my problem.

    I also do have to play more relaxed. I just noticed i play alot better if i focus and gently stroke the keys of my keyboard instead of hammering them while being bend forward to much staring blind at my monitor. I have a keyboard with laptop keys.

    But i think i'm going too much offtopic now ...
  8. I just experienced a bug in Marathon 2.5. The replay ID is 39378.

    At a certain point in the game, every piece started DASing to the right wall without any input from me. If I held down left, the piece would stay still, but if I let go, it would immediately zoom to the right. It reminds me of a problem that shows up in kotetsu213's java clone once in a while.
  9. Finishing any of the team marathon modes causes a bug where the player sees themselves as reaching 999 when the game ends, but their team-mate has 998, and therefore the replay is saved with the level being 998.

    Had it with Kevin when we finished Nordic Walk, and both of us could see our own level being 999 and each other's being 998.
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    this and also my native resolution is 1920x1080 so an option to make the game larger would be wonderful
  11. [​IMG]

    That's Opera.. dunno if there are options like that in other browsers.
  12. Firefox has the exact same thing, I just didn't know about it until about a week ago.
  13. for those who don't know, to disable window resizing in firefox:

    type about:config in the address bar

    in filters, type resize and you should see dom.disable_window_move_resize

    set this value to true by right click>Toggle
  14. Thanks for that helpful info!
  15. Anyone else experiencing severe key press lag? Often times when I try to move a piece or hard drop or whatever, it will take a second or two to respond and other times after pressing a key and releasing it will continue acting as though I'm pressing the key. I don't recall this being an issue back in the beta. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this.
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    If you are experiencing lag then:

    1) Update to Java 6 UPDATE 14
    2) Don't use Internet Explorer
    3) Close all other programs (including IM)
    4) Update videocard drivers (yes really) :)
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    I examined the replay frame by frame. The game got a press msg concerning the right key around 2:00:00 and it was the last msg concerning this key. It seems that you or the keyboard held that key down. So seems like a keyboard problem.

    WHen it happens again, try to open a word editor to see if it gives you the same behavior
  18. I second this, but for being able to make it smaller or play on one of the smaller fields. Doesn't play easily on netbooks with a resolution of 1024x600.
  19. Can your netbook even run it smoothly to begin with?
  20. Yeah it seems to run fine. Can only fit the whole playing field (not previews or score) in Firefox with a slight modification to make the UI up top smaller. Fullscreen fits everything necessary but is less than ideal. So I guess I have a fix now, but that still doesn't help others with higher resolutions or (oh my!) lower resolutions.

    By the way, the netbook has 2 GB of RAM, a 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom, and an Intel GMA950 graphics chipset, so it's not too shabby. Plays MAME and SNES wonderfully. Haven't tried anything more intensive.


    Examples of what I mean.. You have to copy the url and then paste it into the browser for it to work. Sorry. -- Slightly modified Firefox UI, kind of playable if you know the block colors well enough and don't mind being unable to see your time and score and stuff. -- Fullscreen Firefox, works fine but somewhat inconvenient because when applets are selected Firefox sometimes doesn't like to switch between fullscreen and normal modes, so one must select a different tab. That makes it a bit tedious to play a game, do something else for a bit, and then go back. Maybe I'm just lazy though. :p
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