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  2. damn, blockdriller is it? I'm gonna beat you back
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    New version:

    Bugs fixed

    - For S and Z , this isn't possible anymore: ... CsAdkhBAAA This was indeed due to +2/-2
    - Creation of custom multiplayer games are now working again

    New feature

    - Multiplayer games can now be created by non vip players
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    FUCKEEUHHHH !!!!!!!!! [​IMG][​IMG]

    Why does the game shut down so often ?? And almost everytime at a critical moment...

  5. Is your version of Java up to date? I had the exact same problem, updating Java fixed it.
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    I DID it..Humm I think I did it, Deniax suggested me to do it 1 month ago.
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    Normally, when a games crashes due to memory leaks, a mail is send automatically, but I haven't received a mail for a couple of weeks.
    Mostly, if you have upgraded Java, it's mostly a browser thing.

    Try Chrome, that also gives the best performance
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    A problem (maybe I am wrong in forgeting something [​IMG] ) in marathon 3 :

    note, the player is NOISEassault, and he was playing with SRS rot.
  9. I'm using Chrome, downloaded latest Java, but I still have to click "ignore" when he tells me that i use wrong version of java.
    Then it works without any problems.
  10. i really hope i'll be able to play this in snow leopard...
    be warned though that i will take the top spots in each mode as usual if that happens.
  11. Couple of things that I've picked up while playing this a fair bit recently:

    1) It'd be nice if the game didn't automatically resize my browser window if I've got it maximised
    2) It'd be nice if I could switch between the game and the chat more freely. It seems that every time anything happens in game, it steals the controls away from the chat. I admit in some circumstances this is beneficial, but it means I can't quickly say something in the "Ready, 3, 2, 1, GO" period because I get the cursor stolen away. It's also a bit awkward when the results box appears and takes me off the chat.

    3) Bit more specific, and I'm not sure what would be the best way to counter this, but it's really annoying to be using ARS on multiplayer and to get situations like this: ... 7eBCHAAA?A

    I've not tested this with SRS on Blockbox, but I know for a fact that on Tetris DS I'd be able to jump that over the hump and clear lines. If the ceiling acts as a wall and prevents SRS players doing that on Blockbox, then fine, but my understanding is that SRS players can clear lines there, while ARS players are fucked. Obviously this should only affect multiplayer, and on single player modes you should die as an ARS player in that situation.
    Thing is, I don't really know the best way to change it, because I'm pretty sure trying to fix it so it kicks in that situation would cause unwanted behaviour further down the stack when it's not an issue.
    I'm prepared for the response to be "You choose ARS, live with it."
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    You choose ARS, die with it [​IMG]
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    In Sega's Tetris (198B), the ceiling is a wall for rotation. In Arika's Tetris games, it's not; blocks above the ceiling end up in a "vanish zone" and reappear once lines are cleared. So it's not that the ceiling is a wall as much as the combination of "enter below ceiling" and the fact that IRS doesn't wall-kick.
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    404 Not found
    '/pub/filepilot/windows/plug-ins/javaruntime/jre-6u14-windows-i586-p.exe' not found (No such file or directory).

    Java download link seems broken.

    EDIT:ok, its the oficial link thats down
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    BUG !!!:confused:

    1<Vin_s> please would you like to have a look on this : replay 39165, lv 79
    01<Vin_s> (made by NoTGhost on bb)
  16. I also find the focusing during the ready 3 2 1 go annoying. Is it possible to have an option to turn this off?

    I wanted to suggest a few features mostly related to the multiplayer mode.
    1. ability to choose how many lines are added depending on the type of clear (double, triple, tetris, tspins, combos)
    2. option to turn combos on and off
    3. garbage option that is similar to the current in randomness but allows consecutive holes
    4. garbage send option that sends unreduced lines to everyone. I believe that currently, in a 4-5 player match, the adds are reduced.
    5. option to save your own custom settings as a preset mode

    Some miscellaneous suggestions:
    1. when the creator of a game leaves, don't boot the spectators. leave the game as it is if there are still spectators inside
    2. an option that lets you move from a player to a snooper without having to leave the game and snoop

    The above 2 options are necessary for a 'king of the hill' game where losers move in and out whereas the winner stays.

    Keep up the great work on blockbox Deniax! :)
  17. 1 - Why exactly? I'm just curious to what ideas you'd have for it
    3 - Already implemented for custom VS games (90%)
    4 - Already implemented for custom VS games (garbage to all)
    5 - I'd like to see that as well.
  18. 1. It's just to allow for more customisation so we could simulate other games.
    3. Is this a new option that's not available to the public yet?
    4. The default vs mode uses the garbage to all setting. However, in a 4 to 5 player multiplayer match, making a tetris does not send 4 lines to everyone. Instead, everyone receives 2-3 lines. Someone told me that adds in a 3 player match are not reduced so I concluded that it is only in the case of a 4 or 5 player game that this occurs.

    This is the reason why no one ever dies in the big games and it disadvantages those who try to kill others by adding lines. I could be mistaken as I haven't played/watched too many of these type of games, so feel free to correct me.

    I came up with these suggestions after watching the korean league and wondered whether blockbox could simulate it's playstyle.
  19. It's because if you force garbage to all without reduced clears, then people die stupidly quickly without it being much fault of their own. If you're stacking to build a tetris, so you have four lines, and every other player sends you four, then you're topped out from the start. It'd make things horribly biased against a player who was not necessarily worse, but just a little slower at getting the first tetris cleared.

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