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  1. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    New update!
    The game is now in a far beta stadium.

    First of all I would like to thank the following persons for their advise and testing of the game: Edo, Jujube, Mushroom, Colour Thief, Lee_n, Muf, Jago, Lardarse, Rosti_LFC
    Second, the power of this game is that it will store all your scores, statistics, replays, key settings and all other options and is very user friendly. So no fiddling around, before you want to play a game.
    And last, the game is being made for the community, so if the masses want something changed, no problem [​IMG]

    Current features:

    Single player
    Classic play - A mixture of classic gameboy play with no DAS
    MaraTion - Ti mode. Nuff said
    Expert - Shirase mode
    40 lines - Make 40 lines as fast as you can

    Multiplayer (play against 1 or 4 opponents)
    Rated - Like single player Ti, but now with garbage
    Custom - See below for options

    Team Game (You play with your teammate on 1 big field of 20 cells width)
    MaraTion highsore attack
    Expert mode highscore attack
    Maration VS another team incl garbage
    Custom - See below for options

    Normal game-options:

    - Big piece preview on/off
    - Choose rotation scheme: ARS/SRS/BRS
    - Next piece animation on/off
    - Ability to simply select your controls , including a third rotation button

    Custom settings:

    - Play Marathon
    - Play Expert mode
    - Starting level
    - Speed level,
    - Fixed speed (for example 0G or 20G)
    - Players who will play a VS game can use only ARS, only SRS or are free to chose either ARS or SRS

    Community features:

    - Direct updated
    - Everyones highscore contains a replay that can be watched
    - Different highscore entries for different game-options
    - Team highscores support
    - Also supports stuff like who's the fastest player in Ti sections like 100-200, 200-300 , etc
    - Ability to see what rotation scheme was used to get a specific highscore
    - Filter stuff like: shown only the sores of your friends

    Team support:

    - Create a team with another player and choose your teamname
    - Teams will be stored, including highsores, replays, statistics
    - Ability to be in multiple teams
  2. moxie101

    moxie101 Unregistered

    sound options and windowed mode
  3. If these are requests, then I think it already has sound options, and it's played in a browser window to start with.
  4. the screenshots looked awesome deniax, any estimation date for when a release will be available?
  5. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    It's difficult to say... If everything goes as planned, the game will come out next month.

    Btw, a new feature will be added, the border of the game will change color the more close you come to not getting a cool. So like this:

    You start a section with a blue border and it fades to grey at a fixed rate.
    If it's completely grey, you missed a cool.
    Then it fades to red when you're approaching a regret.
    If it's completely red, you have a regret.
    When a new session begins, the border should be blue again.
  6. your sceensho links do not work. may you post new ones ?
  7. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer


    Leaderboards: Working (EIHoppe is currently number one, who's going to dethrone him? [​IMG] )
    Replays: Working
    SRS: Working
    Torikan rule: Working
    Sequence feature for Master & Shirase: Working (also in highscores)
    Misc Shirase fixes: Done

    Game will be released in 1 or 2 months.

    People who want to play the game now, PM me!
  8. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    great work Deniax. SRS feels correct, and so does expert mode as far as i can tell. one little bug i noticed: if i reached level 500 and the game ended there my rank was S4 when it should've been S5. only a section time regret somewhere would've put me at S4, but i didn't get one. i assume the grade isn't changing until the player reaches x01.

    also, how do you watch replays? i couldn't figure that out.
  9. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    I can't find this game, it seems you improved your highscore, now you have S7 and you reached level 703 in 04:10:60

    Currently it's a bit inconvenient to view the highsores, you must start a game, die and then you can view the highscores [​IMG]
    But this will be changed, above the start button, next week there will be a highscore button where you can see the different highscores.
  10. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Because quite some people already have a login and suggested ideas, I will begin posting what has been fixed when a new release has been made.

    Today I've installed build 20080908-1502 with the following changes:

    - The applet now remembers your last chosen gamemode
    - Next round button is now visible when you finished a single player game
    - The highscorelist now default select "all" rotation systems and not the one you have just played with
    - Your own entry in the highscorelist, is highlighted so it's more easier to find
    - 40 lines changes: DAS is now 16 ms with a delay of 133 ms
    - BRS (BlockBox Rotation Scheme) now fully works
    - If you've selected Single player, you dont have to press ACCEPT and then START to start the game. The ACCEPT button is removed in Single Player game
    - The highscore screen of 40 lines now shows the time, not the score

    TO DO list

    - Save and load multiplayer replays
    - When playing a single player game and you die, you should directly go to the leaderboard and not see your "rating screen"
    - Highscore attack mode for Team play
    - Next piece should be moved a bit to the left so it's directly in line with the spawning piece
    - Sound engine implementation
    - When you've got a new highscore when you died, it should show this with an animation
    - Typing /noswoosj in the chat will disable the gray "swoosj" effect a piece has
    - Replay controls: Press UP it will skip 1 minute , is you press DOWN it will reverse 1 minute, pressing RIGHT it will skip 10 seconds, pressing LEFT will go back 10 seconds
    - Multiplayer mode for 40 lines
    - When selecting Easy or 40 lines the sonic drop binding should Hard drop. The soft drop binding should do Sonic drop.
    - Above the Start button will be a Highscore button. When you press the highscore button, it should show a dropdown menu of 4 other buttons: Easy, Marathon, Expert, 40 lines
    - The player who's op top of the leaderboard , is on #0 bug
    - You need to press the RS button on the leaderboard and select ALL twice to see all results
    - Maybe regret bug in Marathon (TGM3 Ti Master)
    - Custom game options. Create a game and change ALL timings you want by using commands like /20G /ARE25 , etc
    - 40 lines: Lineclear & ARE timings should be set to 0
    - Exams
    - Extra custom option: Infinite lock delay
  11. Superb, both of these will make playing a lot better.
  12. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    oh, i figured out how to view top score replays. for anyone wondering, click on the little film reel looking thing under the "H" column in the leaderboard.

    i agree. it's always nice to restart a game quickly.
  13. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Build20080909-1504 is installed

    - Soundengine is done (note, if this causes lag, please mail your javaconsole to: )
    - Next piece alignment is now fixed. The spawned piece will not spawn 1 cell to the left of the "next piece" above it (Thanks Rosti)
    - The applet should now REALLY remember your last chosen gamemode [​IMG] (Thanks all)
    - When selecting 40 lines, the firm drop button will have hard drop functionality and the soft drop button will have firm drop functionality (thanks Muf)
    - Holding spacebar and doing an hard drop will not hold your piece anymore in easy mode (Thanks Kitaru)
    - During ARE when you press and hold firm drop button, the next tetrimino will must drop instant with 20G after it spawns (Thanks Kitaru)
    - When choosing 40 lines, Line Clear, ARE and gravity will be 0 (Thanks Muf)
  14. Muf


    Oh. My. God. 40 Lines mode is so damn addicting. It takes a short while to get used to the insanely fast DAS, but when you do, it's so worth it.
  15. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Another build has been installed [​IMG]

    Build20080910-1507 contains:

    - Single play mode only: When you press ALT+R when in game, you will restart the game.
    - Dying/completing a single player game will transfer you directly to the highscores list now.
    - When you complete the game (credit roll) your highscore will be saved. (Thanks Caffeine & Blink)
    - The I piece in BRS, now spawns horizontal (Thanks Mushroom)
    - In 40 lines mode, you will hear a sound (when I get one [​IMG] ) when you hit 30, 20, 10 and 5 lines left (Thanks Kitaru)
    - In 40 lines mode IRS is disabled. It's only enabled in the "are you ready part".(Thanks Kitaru) . All replays saved with IRS will be deleted because they are now broken [​IMG]
    - In 40 lines: You can only IRS once and that is by holding down rotate during countdown (Thanks Muf)
    - Problem with ARS kicks . Now when doing a horizontal -> vertical rotation, the only kick that can be applied to an I block is a shift up one or two cells. In the previous version it shifted right or left. (Thanks Kitaru)
    - Pressing VS play and then Single player again, now shows the start button again. In the previous version it showed an accept button requiring you to press it twice to begin the game. (Thanks Kitaru, the RSI saviour \o/ )
    - Flash lock is now 1 frame long and wont be affected it you clear a line or dont clear a line (Thanks Kitaru & Edo)
  16. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Build20080911-1508 is installed & running

    - Problems with grading are fixed. (Thanks EIHoppe & Kitaru)
    - Leaderboard now sorts: (Thanks Kitaru)
    Marathon: grade, time grade was earned , level
    Expert: grade, level, time

    - When snooping and someone presses ALT+R, the game will not freeze anymore for the snooper. (Thanks myself [​IMG] )
    - At default , big next piece should be disabled (Thanks Kitaru)
    - Game is now counting the last piece you died on as a level (Thanks Kitaru)

    (Team play & sound is disabled until mondays release)
  17. I think this is Java's fault... Today I started up Blockbox and Java (latest version) crashed, so I restarted Firefox (latest version, on Windows XP). When I had gotten back to the Blockbox website and started the game, it had no sound. I checked my sound setting in the game and Windows. Nothing wrong there. I tried rebooting the computer. Still no sound... Tried in Internet Explorer 7, no sound... I haven't changed any settings anywhere since I played it the last time. But I think the crash of Java may have messed something up... Any ideas of what to do? [​IMG] Meow.
  18. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    It's not your fault [​IMG]
    Sound & Teamplay were temporary disabled, but are active again.
  19. Haha, sorry for not reading the latest post. XD I saw now that sound was disabled... [​IMG] Thanks.
  20. LANAsiDOOG

    LANAsiDOOG Unregistered

    wow if this has a doubles online mode this is everything i've ever dreamed of [​IMG]
    can i beta test it??

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