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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Rory76, 19 Jun 2019.

  1. If anyone's looking for good tips on how to achieve a top out, here's what works for me:

    1. Look at my score
    2. Think, wow, I'm having a good game
    3. Think, wow, that was a good escape
    4. Let the little commentator Jonas in my head say things like 'cerebral burn'
    5. Put 100% focus into making a spin or a tuck and forget the entire rest of the screen

    Good luck!
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  2. Mainly playing TGM these days,

    1. look at my level... ohhh never got there...
    2. make a miss drop that leads to me stressing then misdropping again

    Then done :)
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  3. TGM1/TAP here:
    1. Tetris ready!
    2. No long bar? Let's keep building higher.
    3. While we're at it, keep extending that Tetris well.
    4. Now I have a horrible stack, AND it's really high.
    5. TOP OUT!

    Ti Easy here:
    1. Stack high for that two-wide combo...
    2. Stack higher...
    3. Forget that the piece doesn't spawn above the playing field in any TGM games...
    4. "Oh, THAT'S how I topped out so low."

    Ti Master/Shirase here:
    1. Low stack, clean stack, Tetris well, let's go!
    2. Elevate slightly in the middle... check!
    3. Sudden speed increase!
    4. Holes, holes, holes!
    5. TOP OUT!
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