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Thread in 'Hardware' started by svalis47, 2 Jun 2016.

  1. I've been thinking of getting a Tetris joystick. Which one would you suggest I get? Could you please link to a page on Amazon or eBay where I can buy it? I couldn't find any on Amazon.
  2. Sanwa JLF set to 4way
  3. By that I assume you mean generic arcade sticks. To which I reply pretty much anything that has a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT stick and 30mm Sanwa buttons. They normally come with a 4-8 way gate that you'll have to set to 4-way yourself. The problem is they also tend to be pretty pricey (the >£100 kind of pricey.) Though out of all of the sticks I've tried I've really liked the Razer Atrox (Xbox 360) the most. The reason being it was build with modding in mind so you can easily access the insides and you can change it's look very easily whereas with other sticks you'd need a screwdriver every time you wanted to access it and changing the front panel is normally impossible. Another thing I like about the Atrox is the bottom is completely rubber so it stays on my lap perfectly.
  4. inb4 ew razer
  5. Razer gets a lot of hate on their products. Personally I find them to be pretty good outside of their sound products. Still my go-to choice for controllers.
  6. Video of a Razer stick dying during the SFIV EVO finals.

    Take from this what you will. I own two Razer products (Abyssus mouse and Blackwidow standard keyboard) and the only problem that I have ever had with them is that an entire year of heavy Starcraft play wore down one of the mouse buttons.

    I normally play on my cab but I do have a stick for TGM. I swapped out the shitty parts from a SFIV Standard Edition stick with a Sanwa JLF (set to 4-way, of course) and Seimitsu buttons. It has worked quite well for me, and is probably one of the cheaper options around.
  7. i like the stuff i have (blackwidow chroma, deathadder) but i don't know if any of the other stuff is any good
    will probably replace the keyboard at some point, the LEDs on this aren't great (colour is pretty terrible) and the new k70 that came out looks fantastic

    edit: oh yeah i have a qanba q4raf, it's really good do it
  8. It should also be noted that no matter what Sanwa stick you buy, you WILL have to open it up to set it to 4-way. Most people don't even know 4-way exists, you will not find a new stick with 4-way as the default.
  9. Muf


    Playing Sega Tetris on a Seimitsu LS-56 with no gate whatsoever is a pain every Tetris player should endure once in his or her lifetime.
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  10. jesus christ
  11. That's true, I never found anyone outside this board who knew this was a thing, even if they modded their sticks before.

    If you do not enjoy to pick and order single parts and build the thing yourself I would advise to look at ebay for a used Madcatz Tournament Edition. I ordered multiple times around 60 Euros, but it needs some time to find one this cheap. What you get is a really sturdy case with original Sanwa Parts. Many Sticks which are sold are not heavily used, so the parts will last some time. In case one of the microswitches breaks, you can get a new one quite cheap and it can be easily changed, if you know how to operate a screwdriver.
  12. I played Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura: Eternal Heart on a HORI stick with no gate, close enough?
  13. Well you're supposed to play Tetris with Card Captor Sakura on an 8-way joystick, but what is this "no gate" shenanigans you two are pulling? ?_?
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    On Seimitsu stick, the gate/restrictor is the yellow plastic thing you screw underneath, which was missing.
  15. I know that, but _why_.
  16. Muf


    Beats me. Other questions about that setup were "Why would you have a Naomi set to 15khz interlaced in a Cyberlead playing Sega Tetris on a single player panel with a Seimitsu stick (with no restrictor)".
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  17. Replacing the joystick in a full arcade stick controller is so simple I don't get why anyone spends money on those >100£ sticks Archina mentions. Sanwa sticks alone are really fairly cheap, and you should always have a few in stock :p
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  18. Having spare arcade parts around in case of an emergency is never a bad decision. :)
  19. If you never had a stick at home before, you obviously do not have spare parts. 100£ seems to be around 130 Euro. Here in germany I would have a really hard time to get a Sanwa Stick, 10 Sanwa buttons a case and a USB encoder including shipping for less than 130 Euro. So if you are not interested in building hardware yourself a beginner is better of with ordering a full stick, even at this high price.
  20. It's not entirely true, I live in France where you also pay everything in euros and I've managed to build myself a stick for much less than 130€

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