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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Webby, 28 Apr 2006.

  1. I'm fairly new to tetris. Only played the gameboy classic when i was a little boy, but i love the game. Played some TetriNET when a few years ago, but i like tradional mode instead of specials. I bought TDS on US release day, because of the online. I manage to get to around 6000 points, but then i start to lose and go down again. I practive a lot againt CPu on level 4. But beside what i read here: (the ten points) what is best to learn. Maybe this topic can be a nice help topic for other beginners.

    I started practising skimming and that works already a little, though i sometimes make bad mistakes and close my hole. Also when stacking sometimes i just have a bad design. I can't place a O or L, J. No other blosk available.

    Also i started concentrating on clearing garbage by thinking about how to leave certain places open so i won't block the gap, i think this is trivial in multiplay.

    Only every move i make requires a thought, i feel myself slowing down sometimes, holding a block while the next block also won't fit not knowing what to do and skipping a fast drop just to make a mistake afterall.

    What are good thing to practise for a beginner?
  2. my advice-- play for perfection. remove the whole time element from the game, and aim to drop every tetromino perfectly, then think about what makes which option best, and compare your instinct with logic. not only try to find the best placement for each tetromino, but maneuver perfectly as well. use as little movements as possible for each drop, and don't backtrack. think it out before you move. find a strong foundation, then build up from that.
  3. I start to develop an instinct for the next to come block, how do i drop my current to free a position for the next. Sometimes it feels natural, but sometimes i takes a lot of thought.

    I do focus on speed at the moment, but best to practise is marathon or endless without ghost? I try to count the left or right presses i make, but is holding down till the wall and press one back a good tactic, or should i let that go?
  4. na, tds horizontal sensitivity moves too slow for the "hold then one back technique". better to just tap tap tap it where you need it to go. about the first part you mentioned (the most important), try to build so your field stays open to as many next-coming tetrominoes as possible and then tetrominoes after that, too. building which makes the player dependent on just one or two tetrominoes will slow him down later. in addition to what you said earlier, skimming is cool and all, but really you should build so that you don't need to skim-- not unless you're nearing a topout. perfect play's about making tetris after tetris. keep on thinking about each drop and it will eventually become really easy to maintain any situation or sequence of tetrominoes. i think at some point, all the possible fields kind of simplify in the mind, and the player just knows how to drop almost automatically-- based on how logically he plays, though. it's not completely uncommon to see a godly fast player who still hasn't learned how to clear lines efficiently and will consequentially lose to a slower, more thought-out player.
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    I say move fast yet perfectly. I try to play games fast, but many potential wins end up being losses because I misdrop a piece... a result of me playing TOO fast and not paying attention to what I'm doing.

    Also, ideally I try to keep holes open for every single piece to be placed. Not having a place to drop a piece, and then thinking about where to put it, wastes precious seconds. I too have lost many games because I couldn't find a spot for a piece.

    That's all I've got.
  6. Here is the single most important thing to get better: Repetition.

    Seriously. At this stage, all you need is practice. Your mind will get faster with time. There are things, like getting used to 2 rotation buttons, etc etc, but practice is key.

    I don't play TDS often, but my rating is around 7600. I normally play in one of 2 "styles":

    1. Going for "perfect" placement.

    2. Pushing myself faster than I feel confortable playing.

    Both are important, the former when you're just starting out, the latter when you're getting pretty good. Though people of all skill levels should try switching between them, as it'll make practice less boring if you're tackling both angles.

    To truly push yourself faster then your confort zone, you need either an opponent stronger than you, or Death Mode.
  7. Yesterday i tried the tap-tap playing style instead of holding the button. So far i only feel slower and sometimes it costs me a lot of taps to get a block in to position. Also sometimes i drop the block and tap 1 too less. Need practise.
  8. Hello, I'm also fairly new to "competitive" Tetris (as I never though of optimizing tetramino's movement and so on), but since Tetris DS Online came out, and I really liked multiplayer (wich is not perfect, of course, but just... addictive), I want to improve myself. So, I have just question:

    What is the best strategy: building a big stack to chain tetrises (or T-Spin, but I'm not skillful to make some [that will come with training, I think]), or rather to make tetrises as the stack is built ?

    I think the second strategy is the best at long term. In another hand, the first strategy can be viable, by holding an "I": a double tetris can deal the final blow to the opponement at opportune time and the sparred "I" can be used to counter garbages sent by the opponement...

    So, with the experience of many Tetris matches, wich strategy do you recommend ?

    P.S.: and sorry for any typos or any poor-englishness (is this word actually exist ?). As you may have guessed with my nickname, I'm originally a french-speaking person (and surprisingly, my english marks are quite mediocre, even if I can almost perfectly read english >_< [but oh well, this forum isn't a blog]).

    P.S.2: hey mais je retrouve jagorochi ici ! c'est dingue
  9. need to ask yourself what benefit comes from stacking high and making multiple tetrises at one time? it takes longer to do, and it puts you higher to top out. i'd put priority on keeping things low, as for the start of the game at least, there's no point in stacking high as long as they're back to back.

    now, later on in the game when you want to topout the opponent, then it could be useful to delay off a tetris, but even that's questionable-- if not an advanced tactic.
  10. PetitPrince...

    Being good at VS has less to do with your ideal strategy, and more to do with what choices you make when things don't go your way.

    To answer your question though, I clear Tetrises as I build. With one exception: If my opponent is building too high, I might go high also to surprise him with 2 fast Tetrises. If you give the first too Tetris early (when your opponent is stacking high), they will change their stacking style to save themselves so it's important to send a sudden burst of garbage.

    The rest of the time I'll try and play it safe though. Building high is too risky, especially at the start of the match.


    Ton Anglais a l'air excellent, mais si t'as besoin d'une translation, n'hsite pas de m'en demander. [​IMG]
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    do you guys look in the main field witch pieces are dropping and then trie to place them? or are you all memory players who are still looking at the next to come item?
  12. snipper

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    what is the best tactic to bekome a real respected player?

    play vs comp at the highest level or just play normal mode and try to beat the records.

    in the beginning ( a few jears ago) i played tetris on the first gameboy as just a puzzle game

    but now i have a DS and i was thinking that tetris was a retro game so i had to buy it, but now after a few rounds of old style tetris i am hooked.

    but the problem is i cant go further then level 16 because it is topping out most of the time.

    i need tips and triks to get better and beat my homie wich has set a local record of level 201, but the speed at level 20 isnt good for my building skills.. how to practise this and become better and better?
  13. mat


    look at your field, get used to seeing the preview in your periphrial vision, never look at the piece itself (i'm assuming non-20g)--that is, know the default orientations and the necessary rotations for a given orientation.

    as for VS/highscore - VS games are very variant dependent. being good at TDS VS will not extend super well into being good at worlds VS, TGM versus, tetriNET, tetron, whatever--this is true also of highscore, especially with things like the TDS t-spin, but putting the focus on your build rather than your "strat" holds more longterm benefit.

    of course, the most important part, especially given your current place in this mad tetris world, is just to keep playing and playing and no matter what the circumstances of those games consist of, you will get better.


  14. snipper

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    i am currently looking in the main field at the tetrimino self, i am also using shadow becau e i like it in the lower levels i can drop the tetrimino as soon as it appears. you guys play with shadow?

    at level 16 or a little later @ 20 G i think the shadow is useless, because the tetrimino appears at the bottom.

    so you guys are looking in the main field, (not at the tetrimino self) with in the right site of your vision the next to come items...


    i play mostly marathon but i also like VS cpu to train on my speed
  15. I do notice that i play a lot better when i slow down a bit and focus. Yesterday i beat the CPU level 5 for the first time in 1 try, just by relaxing and stacking without creating 1 single hole.

    After that i played a few match against my girl and really wanted to win and i lost 2 games out of 10 just because i misplaced my speed drops.

    My only problem with looking to the next block to come, something i get the hang of more and more is that i often glance and look at the second next, i then speed drop it and when it's placed see that i made a mistake.

    Also holding a I teromino isn't holy for my anymore, if i can dump it instead of making a hole in my stack i do it, there'll be another one around. Also when i hold a block i couldn't plave i try to place it as soon as i see fit, so i can hold a better block then for example the O i couldn't place.
  16. snipper

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    i also sometimes i dont know wich block wil come but i place it at the right spot without thinking ar anything. like i am developing a feeling for it
  17. As suggested in this topic, play at your own pace and place each block good, that tends to really work out for me. And simply practise. I've been playing about 3 to 5 hours each evening last week, my girlfriend hates me now [​IMG]

    Also played a lot of marathon 20G starting. My current score is

    When you get used to the speed it makes you relax in multiplay when you almost top out. I see a lot of players who stack incredibly well, but freak out when they almost top out and close their gaps. Just relax and work your way down asap, then you'll hit an open tetris in the garbage and before you know it you're back at the bottom, relax is the key. I play best when i first do a few matches against CPU level 4, then online so i'm already 'in the zone'. I disconnect when i start losing to much, then it's simply over, i wear out after a few matches. If i go on then i only play worse, because you focus on winning instead of playing 2 much.

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