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Thread in 'Strategy' started by COL, 4 Jul 2010.

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    What about reviewing them and telling why they are bad. It happens that sometimes I play long sessions full of very poor games, and I have the feeling that something is wrong but I cannot tell what: what is the actual cause of such a mess? I believe that if we (consciously)know the bad moves we can avoid them and keep away the trouble they create.
    heres a first example i eventually spotted during some consistency practice: although having your 5th column raised is generally a good thing, raising the 6th column may be devastating !!

    You'll suffer especially because of the S.

    The purpose is not to tell some obvious silly stuff (eg "evil is bad") but to give clear a picture of what you should avoid (know your foe!),as conscious and sound knowledge seems more efficient than vague intuition here.
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Your first example is not enough by itself, because there is a safe response for this : put the S rotated by 90° completly to the left wall.
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    You are right and your idea also works for the 2nd example, however, it is still annoying (what do you do if a square appears immediately after).
    the issue is that you cannot move the S freely and have very little room.
  4. I'd say if an O is next, you should put the S in the columns 1 and 2 and then you still have room for the square. A hole in the first column isn't so bad in my opinion.
  5. I would say that those two situations are already somewhat icky even without column 6 high--particularly the first one since that jagged structure on the left is just terrible! =X

    Just imagine both of those scenes, but with column 5 high instead of column 6. Sure, you can throw pieces on the right to avoid making holes, but it still doesn't eliminate the fact that the left side is really ugly. For the first situation you're restricted to using L and J and in the second situation, O, L and J.

    The first situation seems to suggest that somehow some Ls and Js got placed in a less-than optimal way, and the second seems to suggest that an O was placed all the way to the left, which is also somewhat weird to my sense of intuition.

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