"Back to School" NorCal Tetris Meet?

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Kitaru, 11 Aug 2010.

  1. With the SJSU semester starting soon, the arcade will be open on weekends again. This would be a great time to hang out in the student union and play some games. :]

    We've got TGM1 in the arcade and could easily set up some laptops and such right outside for Nullpo and whatever else. Anyone in the area up for it?
  2. i'm down till i'm underground, mother fuckers.
  3. Update: So, we screwed up again and planned the meet on a weekend where there is a Monday holiday. Ugh. This means the bowling center is open, but the student union is closed. This means -- unless the unlikely happens and I get things approved -- we probably can't setup console/laptop gaming in the immediate area.

    We're probably still going to meet and greet at the bowling center. The student union is going to be closed, so you'll have to go down the stairs on the east side of the student union to find the bowling center entrance. We can hang out, chat, play TGM1, and collect attendees before relocating. We'll probably be located in the Computer Science Club -- MacQuarrie Hall 227. If you don't see anyone playing Tetris in the bowling center, head for MacQuarrie Hall. Keep an eye on your Facebook as the event approaches just in case we have any last minute changes. I'll probably also post some sort of notice on the TGM1 machine before leaving, especially in the case of things getting even more screwed up than they are now.

    If you need to contact me, please send me a PM me here or on Facebook so I can forward you contact information without posting it publicly, haha.
  4. you mean i wont have to play TGM and we'll have more time for 4 player tetris? looks like christmas has come early for me!

  5. My laptop's in pretty shoddy shape so i'll just be bringing the Hello Kitty stick and counting on someone else to bring one for some TAP action. =X
  6. @Monte: You never _had_ to play TGM1. I'ma be doin' that shit up before we change venues, though.

    @DDRKirby: I've got my laptop, so we're set in that regard.
  7. while getting dressed today I was putting on my pants and i almost tripped however I was able to catch my fall but my zipper broke in the process. that's ok though cause on saturday imma go balls out.

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