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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Ray Ayanami, 16 May 2010.

  1. How do you go about doing this? With my current level of skill, this leaves three regions I can think of where I can put pieces: the center, the far left, and the far right.
  2. there is also far right tap left and far left tap right. what I'm doing is if I feel myself about to double tap I hold the stick in that direction instead and try to make it work. this ends up creating bad stacks and causes me to rethink about stacking styles to avoid the dreaded double tap.
  3. Another aspect of it is making sure the piece in the preview can be placed without a double tap while placing the current one. You may have, say, two "double-tapless" options for the current piece that are "equally good," but you should try to catch yourself if you pick one that doesn't leave a "double-tapless" good placement for the next piece and quickly think if the other one is more "finesse friendly."

    Also, as Zircean recently mentioned in the Nullpomino thread, you can use firm drop or 20G wallkick finesse to avoid double taps.
  4. There's a couple elements that you can add to that to give you more options. There's single taps from those locations, which is straightforward. But what also helps is selectively using various rotation states against the wall, and then rotating, so as to also get one unit away from the wall. This mean not using IRS, then DAS'ing to the wall, then bringing the stick back to neutral and finally rotating. It takes a bit of practice to learn these.

    You can even combine that with a single tap to place something 2 spaces away from the wall.

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    [irrevelant mode=on]
    The energy and time consumed for double-tapping is higher with stick than keyboard. So naturally you tend to avoid them.

    Play with a stick :V
  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    For low gravity scenarios, remember that joysticks are well suited for zangi-moves, and hence overhang structures:

    Try this:

    (no double taps required)

    Instead of this:

    (requires a double tap for the first placement)

    Also, make sure you know the correct optimized input sequence for each piece placement:

    Never, EVER, do this:

    (requires triple tap)

    Do use this:

    (much better!)
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    press the directions faster eheh
  8. Go play Image Fight. Only, each press moves the ship 1 pixel and thus you must mash the keys/pad/stick.
  9. humorously enough, this actually works for me.
  10. orz


    just play fighting games and dash a lot, easy way to get accustomed to this

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