Australian Tournament - looking for CTWC involvement

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Johnno73, 8 Sep 2018.

  1. Morning all.

    I posted recently on the hard drop forums about running a competition here in Australia and it was suggested by one member that I might have more luck getting input and possible sanctioning of the event from CTWC by coming here.

    It is not a must to have CTWC involved, but I would like to if possible.

    Bit of background:

    This will be based in Brisbane, Australia. There is what looks like a sanctioned CTWC Aussie Champs being held in Sydney in October, but for a vast number of reasons, a lot of players will not be able to attend this event from our little part of Australia - so I'd like to get an event happening here. Then possibly get onto some of the new arcades popping up around Australia to run their own with a view to maybe flying all the winners to a single arcade in the future to play off.

    As the already announced event is being billed as the Aussie Champs - I obviously won't go with that name - we'll come up with something like the CT Brisbane Open - tbc.

    Early plans:

    1. Open to everyone of all skill levels. Most likely have Saturday qualifying and then back Sunday for a top 32 or at the very least top 16 bracket finals. Best of 3 with best of 5 for grand final.

    2. Event will be streamed via twitch. Hoping for a minimum of 4 NES systems.

    3. Unless we have a lot of hidden Tetris talent I'm not aware of, we will not be starting level 18. Qualifying will give a good indication of a starting level for finals. Most likely level 8-13 if we use NTSC, but more likely using PAL and may drop it back a level.

    Hoping to make a date announcement in the next month, so it will probably be early next year at this stage to give everyone enough time to make arrangements to attend.

    Really hoping one of the guys behind CTWC can reply or PM me so that we can get endorsement for this event and then hopefully push this out to the other capital cities. Who knows, we might be able to send a player to the CTWC in the coming years from Australia.

    Thanks for any advice.

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