Attention : The danger of the 4-way stick

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Amnesia, 19 Jan 2008.

  1. Amnesia

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    After a lot of practice on TAP, and some technical improvements on my stick, I think I have found the ultimate configuration..

    First I moved on a 4-way stick, following the schemes and explanations from petitprince, it was fine but it had a big last problem.. [​IMG]

    Ok..That will be hard for me to explain it in english..Humm [​IMG]

    The main reason which made me improve so fast in sub-20G:

    I had noticed the 4-way enhancement had a default for the zangi moves, the square shape which prevents the activation of diagonal, makes difficult and rubbish the circular move of the stick...

    I decided to enlarge the shape at the maximum still without allow the diagonals..


    I beaten colour_thief very easily on TAP Master and I often perform a sub-4:45 at 500..I don't know how is the exact shape inside the official stick, but mine is not far from the perfection now..
  2. What you describe is closer to the Seimitsu's guide, rather than the Sanwa's. But I think you are giving this guide too much credit. If you are playing better it is mostly a result of hard practice.
  3. K



    some peoples like apple juice but some other prefers orange juice...
  4. Amnesia

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    pfff... [​IMG]
    Est-ce qu'un jour quelqu'un me prendra au srieux..
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    ya... ummm. I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. My 4 way guide doesn't make zangi moves any harder... Its just all in how you don't constantly hit the walls.

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