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  1. I'm going to my local arcade tonight and would like to attempt a high score on the Tetris machine.

    I was wondering if anyone had advice for atari Tetris

    I've played it once before and know there's only one rotation.

    Tetris left Tetris right? Don't Tetris at all?

  2. has some info.

    Go for tetrises if possible, but optimize more so around survival -- you do get end-of-level bonuses for singles/doubles/triples/tetrises, but loads of your score is going to come from just placing pieces.

    Pieces snap to the top-left when rotated. The only exception is the I-piece, which rotates to column 2 rather than 1. So, perhaps stack for lines on the left or somewhere in the middle.

    The score rolls over after 999,999, so you'll have to get as close as possible without overshooting. Since merely placing pieces earns you points, you'll have to be very careful to suicide at just the right time near the end.
  3. Thanks for the advice Kitaru.

    It went pretty well. I didn't spend all my time at the Tetris machine but I was able to get 7th place on the leader board.

    It's quite the hard game when you aren't used to the rotation system.
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    note that continuing keeps your score.

    also it get pretty fast for a game without lock delay eventually. survival is indeed most important once the speed maxes out and you are dealing with advancing garbage. you MUST keep the stack low.

    note that the rainbow meter maxing out does NOT mean the speed is maxed. it can and will get faster.

    the end of level bonuses are for the NES Tengen version. the arcade just gives bonus for low stack height, and the points for the tetrising immediately. piece placing is most of the points, though.
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  5. It has come to my attention that this arcade has a free play night which I could continue indefinitely and rack up a score...
  6. Also note that the machine stores the six best scores forever and everything below this is reset on power up. Also the initials of the best players are used to create some levels from.

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