Arika's Puzzle Bobble

Thread in 'Other games' started by colour_thief, 30 Dec 2012.

  1. So Arika released a Puzzle Bobble game on 3DS. Is anyone else playing it? It's been panned by metacritic with a 49/100, but at the same time, good luck finding a reviewer that enjoys arcade style games on anything deeper than a credit feeding thrills kind of level.

    It's got a fun new scoring system that approximately 0 reviewers have picked up on. I made a quick video to demonstrate it:

    Incidentally this game is $13.25 brand new on Amazon.
  2. Good video, though it lacks the sexy pizazz of a Meroigo gameplay voice-over.

    Have no plans to ever own a 3DS but if by some chance I end up with one I'd probably consider picking it up.
  3. K


    The video is good enough for the demonstration :)
    but i don't feel the scoring system renew the gameplay enough to buy the game if you're not particularly interested by Puzzle Bubble, even if it's from ARIKA. :\

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