Are "dogbone"-style NES controllers legal in CTWC?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Khaaan, 5 Mar 2019.

  1. Unsure, you can specifically ask the CTWC staff about it on Twitter. I think the rules will probably change in any case since there have been some discoveries regarding multitap on classic NES controllers :
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  3. I don't see anything in that thread to indicate CTWC will allow different controllers. But I do think the game experience would improve significantly if they did. Right now, 90% of my frustrations with NES Tetris are from the controller failing to do what my hands told it to do. A bemani community would have revolted by now & started their own tournament scene.
  4. If unoriginal controllers were allowed, there would be a lot of ways to cheat, due to how central to the game the DAS mechanics are.
  5. Yeah, but you can have standards for that. You could load some false innards into an otherwise standard NES controller shell & cheat away all day as it is now. Neither the motives nor the ability to cheat change much if some alternatives are allowed. I think my Goofy Foot controller gives me an edge almost as much as sanwa parts would. I can only tap that fast with my right hand. It's an "original" controller in shell only. I'm sure even the rubber dome mat for the dpad is aftermarket too.
  6. Yeah dogbone controllers are fair game. That, the normal NES controller and the Goofy Foot are allowed. I think the whole 'official controller' thing is more a blanket statement than a proper analysis though.

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