Apotris - amazing opensource stacker for GBA

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  1. https://akouzoukos.com/apotris

    i love this!

    This is what the homepage says about it:

    Apotris is a block stacking game for the Gameboy Advance! It features satisfying graphics, responsive controls and a large amount of customization so that you can tailor the game to your preferences! There are 11 game-modes to explore, with various options to keep yourself entertained (or challenged). You can even battle your friends using the Gameboy Advance Link Cable in 2-Player Battle.
    The game is still actively maintained, and new features are added constantly. If you have any suggestions, want to learn about new features or participate in beta releases, join the Apotris discord server!


    • Marathon: Try to get the best score as the game gets faster and faster.
    • Sprint: Clear lines as fast as you can
    • Dig: Dig through lines of garbage
    • Ultra: Get the best score in a limited time
    • Blitz: Similar to Ultra but the game gets faster while also boosting your scores
    • Combo: Aim for the most consecutive clears in a 4-wide well
    • Survival: Survive as long as possible while garbage rises from below
    • Classic: Like Marathon but with old school stacking mechanics
    • Master: Also like Marathon, but with increased difficulty and a grading system
    • 2P Battle: Send garbage to your opponent through a Link Cable by clearing lines
    • Training: Try out new strategies or improve your playing using the included Finesse Trainer

    • Left/Right - Move falling piece
    • A - Rotate Clockwise
    • B - Rotate Counter-Clockwise
    • Down - Soft drop
    • Up - Hard drop
    • L/R - Hold piece
    • Start - Pause
    • You can rebind any of these controls in the settings!
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