anyone playing Tetris "by ear"?

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Do you play TGM "by ear"?

  1. Yes, it's the only way to play at high speeds

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  2. No, it's not necessary

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  3. other, if so please explain

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  1. I too would appreciate getting the TGM sounds for Texmaster.

    As for the topic on hand, I've started poking away at Shirase, and memorizing the sounds would let me concentrate on one less part of the screen, which is plenty useful.
  2. It is not possible to play Ti without looking at the top of the screen. Don't try to get around that.
  3. Sorry to pull a Henk tetris/car analogy, but I think it's apt in this case. The piece sounds only tell you about the very next piece, and Shirase is pretty damn fast. You get 3 previews and I do recommend fully using at least 2 of them. Any less is like racing a car down a road at top speed in the fog. You might be ok for a while but you're setting yourself up for a crash. Yes, this means the piece sounds are completely uninformative at top speeds because you should already know what to do with that piece before the sound even plays. Though as Kitaru said the sounds are still helpful for timing and whatnot.

    The (previews) top of the screen is random, while the bottom of the screen you should be controlling yourself. Given that the bottom is generally predictable, you want to focusing on the top. The best place to look is as low as you can get while the previews are still in focus. For me on an arcade machine this means looking at about row 15 or 16 or something.
  4. I also go somewhat by shape by staring a up a little higher on the screen than usual, which is part of the reason I suck at stacking really low.
  5. GAP


    In TAP,colors are best cues
    In Sudden Ti,the sound effect does a little help sometimes
    In Shirase 1000-1300,I believe players must play some seconds by ear,
    locks under 15 frame are insane XD
    Shirase 1000+ gameplay without playing by ear...It's like a faster lock sub-M-roll.
    Because when players notice both the next pieces and the field,it's very easy to slip up.
  6. You guys are funny.

    If you weren't playing these games in your room on a computer but in a real arcade, you wouldn't hear anything in the game anyway.

    Go to HEY in Japan and I dare you to even hear yourself scream.

    The point is, if you even begin to rely on sounds in these games, you're fucked if you ever step foot into a real busy arcade to play these games.
  7. not sure, since some arcades in japan make a little modification to the cabinet on which you can plug earphones.
  8. K


    some cab have earplug, but it's not standard. but it don't make much difference to have an earphone if near cab are shouting out loud as hell. Surely if all cab are in silent mode using only earphone. But loud sound are more appealing than silence in "amusement center".

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