Any SNES tournament in 2014?

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Simba, 12 May 2014.

  1. I was wandering if you knew about any planned SNES tournament; I would really enjoy some SNES vs battles against you strong players!
    Maybe in Geek.Kon, or in the next CTWC like past year? Do you have any rumor if it's going to be repeated? (Maybe is a bit too early :) )
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  2. Stiban has been involved with organizing a GB/NES/SNES tournament in Germany -- the 6th event was held five days ago. I think they're using SNES for its Versus capabilities rather than A-Type, however.

    Indeed, perhaps it is too early to be starting rumors, but I did hear a tiny rumbling of another potential Portland year for CTWC... though we'll have to wait and see how that all shakes out. Wherever it ends up, it'll be awesome if you do make it out to the event. :D
  3. You're right, there's also the Classic German Championship, but it uses Game Boy too and I'm not good at it... Maybe I could go once, but I was also planning a possible trip to the States one day or another, so I'll wait to see how things develop. Maybe I'll come to CTWC or Geek.Kon. I would really enjoy a chance to compete with you great players!

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm interested in! SNES Versus A-type, rather than SNES vs B-type or SNES "single player" A-Type for highest score. But even a bit of NES would be nice if I'm in zone :)
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  4. Not sure what if anything Frank has planned for Geek.Kon this year, but only 4 of us came last year (and it was the first year for Tetris). The official tournament was really the secondary event - the main event was hotel room Tetris. It's also a good place to see people dressed up as anime characters.
  5. Fine... thank you Chad for the informations!
  6. Oh OK haha, I think I missed the bit about "vs. battle" the first time I read your post. :) I think I zeroed in on the A-Type bit, haha.
  7. In the end I did went in Germany for one of those tournaments :) It was a last-minute decision but I could play my first real tournament at last. It was GB + SNES + NES, high score for qualifying and versus modes for the top 8. Stiban won and I got second :) He crushed me on GB vs (4-1), then I got my revenge on the SNES with 3 tough victories (70+ lines for both!) and after that Stiban beated me 2-1 in the PAL NES high score mode.
  8. Awesome! Would love to see some footage of this if there was any recorded.

    - Jono
  9. Hey Mattia aka simba,

    sorry for the problems with the winning trophies.

    You'll get it soon for your second place at the 6th German Classic Tetris Championship.

    Stefan aka Stiban

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  10. Splendid! Thank you Stefan :)

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