another new arika video (tgm3)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 21 Nov 2005.

  1. tepples

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    It doesn't matter; they're all the X button anyway.

    At least in Lumines and most versions of Puyo, the user can remap the buttons, but I don't know if Henk will allow that.

    So in other words, "Korobeiniki is the theme song of Tetris." That's easy enough to live with, as the song is PD anyway. It seems to have been the case in at least The New Tetris, Tetris Worlds (GBA), and Tetris DS.

    My concept for the little circle was like this, from my illustration in Tetriswiki:SRS:

  2. At least for me, it isn't so much the 4 state rotation that is a problem, as it is the interaction between the 4 states and wallkicks.

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