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    Some nice talk here and there...
    I will take some rest and think about....
    No lol, I won't think at all I think it is the solution.
    I am just sad I won't play for the DEATH carnival, I fallen to the state where M rank is almost impossible for me. I work 11 hours everyday and try to play 2 hours every evening. Maybe the problem comes from that.

    And I smoke..I will finish that shit this week and stop for a moment.
  2. If you stuck to one mode for a while you might actually see some decent improvement at it. You seem to switch around a lot, and I don't think it helps improvement (though if it keeps it interesting, I guess it's OK).

    Get some rest, play some Death exclusively at the carnival, and you'll be fine ;)
  3. I guess the problem is : even if you practice running like crazy 26h/24 all of your life, you will NEVER run faster than Bolt. May be hard to accept, but well, you should survive ;). The show must go on!
  4. I agree with Amnesia, for me the most fun in tetris has always been the competitive part.
    I dont see myself having fun playing tetris while accepting that other people are and will always be better than me.
    When I began to realize that there were people I was never going to surpass, I tried to play more and the more time I would invest in trying to surpass them, the more it would frustrate me.
    It is an addiction just like other gambling games , but here money investment is replaced by time investment playing these fucking games. Because you have already invested so much time, you do not want to stop and waste these thousands of hours spent for nothing.
  5. So the only solution is to keep on training and keep on breaking scores. I really don't see ANYONE who could seriously throw out a so long part of its own life on such a poor reason.
  6. Looks like someone didn't read my signature...

  7. Seriously though, aren't you glad you don't play TGM as much as I do? You probably don't have to buy a $800 chair to prevent the back problems associated with sitting at a computer for 5 hours a day playing TGM. You also are probably capable of carrying a briefcase for more than a minute, something I can't do anymore because my fingers are all fucked up from playing TGM all day. You don't want to become "the best" at TGM.
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Ouff..Thanks..:sowsuser: With you at least, I feel that one person can understand accurately how I feel with TETRIS.

    This is the first time you mention your problems of back. I always known that you had some trouble there. I always wondered if it was grave or not.

    Then, playing 5 or more hours a day doesn't solve the problem, because I feel completly tired of playing after like..1h or 1h30 per day. This is all I can do after my day of work, and yes, probably 4-5h in a sunday where I have all my time.
    And yes you are absolutly right, I really don't want to become the best, but I wish to keep a particular style, something I want to keep and other don't have. My speed on TAP MASTER was a strategical point I wanted to keep on you. Your fingers are all fucked up..So how can you continue to play TGM ? There is no sens in what you say.
  9. Well... My Understanding of French is limited to 2 semesters of "not paying much attention" in college. So as an American I can say that i read and undertand everything you said and will respond as an American Tourist in a Paris coffee shop might and use caps lock in english in leiu of any actually french: PLAY ONLY ONE FORM OF TETRIS, TETRIS AND DR. MARIO. WE COULD HAVE A GREAT RIVALY THEREIN AND I REQUEST YOUR PRESENCE. cheers : )

    As a note about tetris players being better than you, it would really be best to accept it consider my situation; I am a very good classic tetris player and am training fairly hard to maxout NES Tetris... I feel i will suceed as Ive had some good "signs" lately such as getting 2 800k in the last week and some other happy developments... But consider the "best" in the game the "big three" Joans, Harry and Thor all have level 19 maxouts and good ones! I was talking to thor and from what i can tell hes trying to get a back to back to back maxout on film... are you kidding me! and hell prolly succeed (for gods sake i think to myself).

    None of that matters to me and such things should not to you as well, why... because tetris is all about you, and what your capable of. There are always those who are better... in all walks of life if you cant cope with that fact of life in falling blocks then what would come of you with in anything else?
  10. K


    Bon faut que modifie la réservation de l'hôtel au stunfest s'il n'y à plus que colin et moi.
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Mais si je viens au Stunfest...:|
  12. K


    Mais je comprend pas.. tu viens pourquoi alors ?
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Parce que le devoir m'appelle..
  14. :confused:
  15. aw your biography doesn't include the moment when you posted up a pic of yourself mooning everyone

    yeah that's how someone introduced me to tc
    just saying
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You may take it bad sweat heart, but you are one of the person here I have some trouble to understand.

    awwh :rolleyes:
    No sorry I don't get it.:biggrin:
  17. Muf


  18. i win !
    in yo face!

    lol jk
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Bravo stephanie !

    But let's see how you can manage with TI, in WORLD rules..:twisted:

    Objectif for you :
    - MasterK
    - S12


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