America's first known Ti: Acme Bowl, Seattle

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  1. Nope; I've heard reports of a TAP at Planet Zero in Houston, Texas. However, I also heard this machine possibly has 8-way sticks...? I'll try to get the person that told me about it to go check out the machine at some point to verify.

    EDIT: There are also two known TGM1 machines in the US. One is at the student union arcade at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and the other is at Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas.
  2. I also played on the machine today; it's working great. Arrived there at around 11:15AM, and got the first plays in. The guy who delivered it (don't think it was Bill) gave me a couple of credits to inaugurate the machine. I topped out at 500 on the first one. Yes, the stick was a paddle type.

    A few pictures are here:
    And I took a video just showing the machine:

    I came back at 5:00 to try to catch Kevin, but I had to leave at 6:00 before he came at 6:15. Traffic was terrible today. Sounds like Sunday might possibly be on for another meeting time at the Ti.
  3. Good Ezzelin! Nice pictures [​IMG]

    Also did you notice KAN at the hiscore? It's sure is an old hiscore of him. He hangs around the arika channel at times. Thank god it is an old hiscore because then people in the US might beat him some day soon.
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    There's also this: ... aster%203/

    It must've been pretty disappointing to see Ti raped in a woodie cab with bat-top joysticks. Of course, not that it would put any kind of damper on the excitement of playing a real Ti for the first time, but it's like.. We warned Bill about these things; put it in a candy cab, make sure the monitor is 31KHz, put in Japanese joysticks... Still, congrats on being able to play it now! I know of my own experience how awesome it is, especially if you're hearing all the sounds and music, and seeing the graphics properly in person for the first time. First time I played I turned up the volume and just immersed myself. But then again, I was in my own bedroom and the machine was set to free play [​IMG]
  5. So awesome! And KAN's records are so weak that I'm wondering if it had a bat top stick on location in Japan as well! [​IMG] Seriously, while the records aren't bad I could erase all sign of KAN in a single session. They're definitely not on par with a TAP Master/Death GM ranked player. Maybe it's a different KAN?

    I agree that that would make for an awe inpiring experience, but this doesn't have to happen all at once. In terms of being playable, the only urgently needed change is to put a good stick in there (and mmmmaybe some Japanese buttons, but that's much less critical). If the machine is a success I'm sure the rest could follow.
  6. Could always ask Kan if it's him. Nice to know that at one point he wasn't even as good as I am now. Hard to imagine it really...
  7. Well, at least the main problem is being fixed: Bill ordered new sticks for the cabinet!
  8. Go Bill.
  9. jujube

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    that's really cool of him.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    When you hit GM one day, you'll know who to thank. [​IMG]
  11. Too bad I live in Spokane (opposite side of Washington state), or I'd be all over this.

    Sounds like I need to get a road trip going. [​IMG]
  12. For sure! Let us know when you are coming...
  13. Met up with Kevin Friday at Acme. For those who were wondering about why the place was so empty before, it was much busier on a Friday night. Got a video of Kevin playing Shirase:

    The Vs. Level is currently set to 100 (which gives only 1:20 per round). I posted about this on the PNWBemani board; hopefully this can be resolved soon.
  14. So TGM3 is currently the second lowest earner at Acme Bowl. This is not good. I'm doing a lot to try and promote the game now; if any of you guys regularly post on arcade gaming sites with regional based threads, you should help advertise this! This might be the only chance anyone will ever get in the US to play TGM3, and I really don't want to see it fail.
  15. So I met up with kaput on Sunday at Acme. I finally passed level 500, and got a 1! OK, that's not much for the crowd around here, but it was good for me. I also tried the right stick on the machine for the first time. It's much worse than the left one! So until the new sticks get here, stick to the left. Oh, and the left coin slot is not as reliable as the right one. I had to knock the cabinet a few times to get the coins to go through on the left slot, and it got jammed on Sunday. I told the guy a the register before I left, so hopefully it's been fixed, but either way it's best to avoid it.

    A couple pictures:

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    Shhh! It doesn't need the bad publicity. [​IMG]
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    That's just the shitty cab it's in. If an arcade operator is going to put an obscure game in a bland and worthless cabinet, they're asking for it to be a low earner.
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    also, the placement of it is really really bad. it's in the worst spot WITH the worst cabinet. So hopefully he'll want ot get rid of it, and then i can buy it off him.
  19. Hopefully it does not get sold...I will fight you to the death for it...[​IMG]

    Anyway, I'll see what I can do to get Bill to move the cabinet. Those flyers would sure come in handy!

    I'm thinking about having the tournament on December 14th. Anyone interested? The tournament will be well advertised if this date is confirmed, I can assure you of that.

    Also, I would not call the Acme people in general retards. Bill is an entirely separate entity from Acme. However, he must bend to their desires and they are not trying to run this machine into the ground or anything of the sort. In fact, the only reason a tournament might happen is because Acme asked Bill specifically to ask me if I was interested in running one. You might want to think twice before insulting people who are reading this board. [​IMG]

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