America's first known Ti: Acme Bowl, Seattle

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Kitaru, 3 Oct 2008.

  1. Alright! This should be great... Acme is 20 minutes away from my place. When are we meeting up? Honestly, I never play Ti rules, only TAP, but I guess it's time to practice up on Ti rules. Is there anything I can set that will make the game more TAP like besides Classic rules? Any way to disable Hold/3 piece preview/floor kick? How does the high score system in Ti work? Does the machine keep score for each player?

    Also, I have the Tekken arcade joystick, but I'm sure it's 8 way. Is there anything I can do short of physical modification to make it play more like a 4 way joystick?
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    There is no way to remove hold and the previews.

    Always play Classic. it is how the game was intended to be played.

    Score is meaningless in master mode and shirase. Grade and mastering time are what matter.

    You can score attack or firework attack in Easy mode.

    And if you are bored, and liked Flash Point, you can always try Sakura mode instead.

    Be sure to log into the machine, and create an account so you can earn ualified grades thru promotional exams!
  3. I'm super super excited! should have told me earlier that you exist! I didn't know any TC members were in the Seattle area other than Radish.

    Also, to clear any confusion up for those who are viewing the PNWBemani/VJArmy threads, I am indeed KevinDDR. I need to get around to telling Caffeine about that...

    Our op is doing the cab conversion (whatever that means...I hope it's not some odd cabinet!) right now. If it's ready by this weekend, I was thinking about heading down there whatever day it arrives. Bill will probably post ahead of time, so I'll in turn post here to keep you guys updated.
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    As do anglophones on YouTube. Look up "Let's Play".

    "Cab" is short for cabinet, and "conversion" means loading a new game into an old cabinet.
  5. Oh yeah, I understand that. I just thought he might have been referring to converting a non-JVS cabinet to JVS or something.
  6. So what happened with this?
  7. Well, here's the last post from mvco:
    It should be coming soon; a while back, he said it would take a week or so and it's indeed been about a week. The game has arrived and is being installed right now.

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    Pictures or it's not true!
  9. Unfortunately I am not Bill, nor do I have access to his warehouse (hehehe...we'll see about that! [​IMG]).

    I'll bug him again today though; hopefully that will result in something.
  10. Yes, it's a 2 player cab. Show him CT's photos if necessary.
  11. The game is 2-player, but seeing a picture of the game being run on a 2 player cabinet is not proof of this. You can put any jamma game inside of any jamma cabinet. Unless you actually had a pic of two people playing simultaneously, then it wouldn't prove anything.
  12. How about a video of two people playing VS?
  13. ...moving right along, here's a post from mvco:

    Can't wait!
  14. That works!
  15. Bill confirmed that the cabinet is coming tomorrow. EVERYONE GET HYPER! Are you ready for Ti?!?!?!

    I'll make sure to bring the Fanta Grape.
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    i'd like to see the reactions of people in the arcade when a clan enters and huddles around the Ti machine, drinking Fanta Grape and speaking some bizarre rhetoric. bah, maybe they'll get over it when they see you guys play.
  17. Alright, tomorrow! I'll try to be there. What time are we meeting?

    edit: Ah, I see that it's supposed to arrive around 11:00 to noon. I'll be there before 11:00 then!
  18. I'd love to attend the arrival, but I'm stranded at school until 3pm. I'll get to Acme at 5pm, and I'll be there until I have satisfied my craving for TGM.
  19. The machine has arrived! Picspam and more detailed info coming tomorrow. Here's a video that pretty much sums up my experience: - Acme Bowl gets TGM3

    Quick notes:
    Game is $.50 per credit
    Joysticks are 4way, but really tough paddle sticks
    Buttons are American style
    Cabinet is a generic American-style wood cab
    Monitor is 15Khz

    Also I beat Amnesia's World Master record. That's about it.
  20. Wow, so the US got a Ti before ever getting a TAP. I wonder if the latter will ever happen... *sigh*

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