America's first known Ti: Acme Bowl, Seattle

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Kitaru, 3 Oct 2008.

  1. Oh yeah. If this machine isn't profitable, it'll probably be my head on the chopping block. I'll be sure to provide all players with TC info and put up TC flyers if people can provide them for me. I'll see if I can get mvco to start posting on TC for updates on the machine's condition.

    The news on the actual cabinet model is non-existant, but a new post this morning confirms that the payment is complete and the kit is on its way.

    Anybody up for Seattle the Grand Master: The Meeting?
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    And by the way, during your TI promotion quest to find some new padawans, try to sell them some photos of me, c_t and DIGITAL, with our dedication on it..
    I think 20$ is not really expensive..It is even too much generous.. [​IMG]
  3. I think I'm going to post up the current Ti Leaderboards on the machine when we get it. Hopefully that will give people something to shoot for!

    Does Ti store records for user data separately for World and Classic? I know it saves record data separately, but I wasn't sure how it deals with World vs. Classic for promotions.
  4. Muf


    No it doesn't, but it does display a line under your user rankings which is blue if you only play classic, red if you only play world, or two-tone if you play both, proportioned by how much you've played in which rule.
  5. Kevin! you gotta organize tournaments with this! Its the best way to invoke interest in an arcade game (just look at Marvel vs Capcom 2)! Start out small like monthly tournaments. See if you can do prizes too.

    anyone have any tips on getting their local arcades to carry the game? I'm not too familiar with the arcade business model.... but I've been thinking about it. If an arcade owner is not willing to purchase a desired game, do you think they would allow someone else to purchase and maintain it and keep it there, splitting the profits? Or do all the games in an arcade always are owned by the same owner?
  6. Totaly off track with everyone else, but will you be posting pics of yourself dry humping Ti? [​IMG]

    (Just so everyone knows, I am constanly joking around with peeps so don't take this too serious. Kinda hard to convey your tone over the internet.)
  7. Muf didn't quite explain it all so I'll throw in my 2 cents too.

    The game saves the records independently for the machine's highscores.

    For an individual's records, the game keeps track of them seperately as well. However, only the best record will be displayed, and the font will be coloured red (World) or blue (Classic) to indicate the system used. Underneath the record the will be a "progress bar" style line that shows the relative strength of the different records. If you were eg. qualified 1 (Classic) and S9 (World), you'd have a red S9 with a bar that was about 1/3 blue and 2/3 red. If you look at my screenshots you'll notice everything is in a blue font with 100% blue lines because I only use Classic. If I do pick world I suicide so that my record stays at 0 leaving my bar blue. If you haven't played at all, so that Classic == World == 0, you get a solid red line instead of no line. If your records are tied, the font is red (World).

    Hopefully that makes sense to you. So while you can only see your best record ever, you can see what system it was and how close you are to the other system. And the game maintains entirely seperate qualified grades with the different systems. (Or at least I'm 99% sure it does... I don't know anyone who has played both systems enough to get 2 exams.)
  8. That's what I'm curious about. I'll find out.
  9. That should be no problem, since I'm Jesus and I can walk on water. [​IMG]
  10. mat


    the arcade is about a three hour drive from where i'm at--i've already started organizing the first pilgrimage, would be great if we could get the first event to coincide! and i've begun playing tgm again, as it's been a pretty facebook world for me the last few months. i set up my joystick for the first time in a long time. i usually play with a button layout of B A C instead of A B C, so i switched it to A B C and am trying to get comfortable playing with my fingers moved over to B C, as i think it's much more likely i'll be ok with that than actually learning to play with the buttons reversed.
  11. See, I used to play with hold ABOVE the ABC buttons, which is really really confusing for me now. I used to use my middle finger for hold, but now I'm having to learn to use thumb. Still, my old record on Texmaster Special Ti was an S7 and I am consistently getting S6s now with the correct layout. I don't think it'll be too bad.
  12. That's awesome matt, I'm glad you'll get to play the game. I expect you to show the locals the true power of the Classic rotations! [​IMG]

    I really wish I could make it there too but it's just too crazy far away. Maybe I should talk one of Toronto's Japanese style arcades into getting the game...
  13. Well, looks like it's coming really really soon!

    Crossposting is good.
  14. Muf


    "Standard resolution" = 31KHz?
  15. Standard res. is 15KHz, but fear not; I told Bill that the game will look much better on a 31KHz monitor.

    Now if only I can score some pre-installation warehouse testing like someone else did with our IIDX machine...
  16. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Here's how I remember it: Standard resolution is the same as standard-definition TV, or 15.7 kHz (240p/480i). Ti runs natively at enhanced resolution, or 31.5 kHz (480p), and apparently raster replacement monitors for vector games do the same. A few games run in a 25 kHz, 384p "medium" resolution that's between standard and enhanced.
  17. Muf


    I know what standard res normally means, I just wanted to verify what it meant for Bill, as the whole resolution thing has been mentioned before. Also, now that a lot of games are going HD, people might confuse "high res" with "HD" and "standard res" with "high res". Hence the question.
  18. Our tech has posted that the kit is here, he just needs to get it into a cab. I'm really exited! Expect pictures soon, and maybe videos.
  19. In japan they frequently do "my first" type videos of new games on nicovideo, you should film people the first time they play Ti [​IMG]

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