America's first known Ti: Acme Bowl, Seattle

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  1. Damn, I need to read better. In your post I swear I saw a 'D.C.' after Washington.... I'm not too far from D.C. for a road trip, but Washington state would be slightly farther...

    So who thinks people might notice a difference between TGM3 and GameBoy Tetris??? And I think TGM3 requires a slight degree of skill..... at least to get your money's worth for playing on a arcade cab.
  2. I think TGM3 is accessible enough. It does have Easy mode and World rule, after all. They happen to be the defaults, even; if you mashed through to the game, you'd have the easiest settings selected. Rotation rules are easier than GB Tetris, gravity would be a mite faster than people are used to, but I think just about anyone would be able to play and enjoy it.
  3. Thanks for posting about this!

    If anyone is interested in visiting Washington to play Ti, it would be really nice if you could post in this thread stating that you'd rather have Ti.

    I'm coming so close to getting our op to buy Ti, it would be a terrible shame if it gets cast aside due to god damn Jubeat.
  4. *runs away crying*
  5. Dammit, I keep forgeting Ti has the whole 'World' rule...
  6. Muf


    Just a heads up Kevin, JVS isn't the only issue-- you do not want to play Ti on a 15KHz or 24KHz monitor. You need at least a 31KHz/Tri-sync monitor, and preferably a true flat. So that limits your cab options to NAOMI Universal, New Net City, EGRET 3, or a Vewlix (although that would have to be in pillarbox mode). You could also put it in an older cab that's been refurbed with a tri-sync monitor.
  7. Dont listen to muf he's a graphics whore! [​IMG] It looks fine on my Astro City. Obviously it would look better in a NAOMI cab, but it's not worth buying a new cab just for this game if you don't already have one. That would like double the price, and honestly I don't see most people caring. Most Ti cabs in Japan are on 15 KHz cabs because that's just what the arcade has available.

    24 KHz won't physically work though I think, but there's no way in hell you have one of those.
  8. Muf


    I've mentioned before you should just get a Wei-Ya tri-sync for your Astro [​IMG]
  9. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    Washington state? might as well go to Japan [​IMG]

    seriously though, if this happens and a profit is turned, other arcade owners in the states may be tempted to add Ti machines. that would be a good thing.
  10. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Or any HDTV, right? As I understand it, 31 kHz is just EDTV, also called 480p or 576p depending on the vertical frequency. Putt-Putt in Fort Wayne uses retail LCD HDTVs to replace broken monitors in some of its cabs. I've tried a PC and a Wii with a Vizio 32" HDTV, and I couldn't notice any lag as long as it's receiving a progressive signal (tried 480p component, 480p VGA, 720p VGA, and 768p VGA).
  11. Muf


    I play it on a 37" 1080p LCD HDTV, but those tend to not fit into 4:3 arcade cabinets. The cable is just D-Sub (for some inane reason DVI-D doesn't work), so anything that can display 640x480 over D-Sub is fine. What kind of cabinets are you talking about anyway? 16:9 rhythm game cabinets?
  12. tepples

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    At Putt-Putt in Fort Wayne, we have a working Pump It Up In The Groove 2 (8-panel rhythm game) and a working Pump It Up Pro (10-panel rhythm game). Both cabinets are designed to take what appears to be a 32" CRT. The ITG2 has its original monitor, but the one in the PIU Pro has been replaced with a Magnavox LCD TV. Being 16:9, it isn't as tall as the stock monitor, and I could see the controls and the (unused) internal speakers through the cab's front window. It works fine for PIU, but screen geometry probably matters more for Tetris than for a rhythm game, and you'd probably have to set the TV to pillar-box (4:3) mode if you don't want Ti to look stretched like Tetris Jr.

    I suck at Pump more than I suck at Tetris.
  13. Looks like progress is being made...Bill seems like he will buy the cab as soon as one for a decent price is found. In case Sophia Corp. doesn't turn out to work, is there anywhere else?
  14. Technically, ITG is 4 panel, and PUI is 5 panel [​IMG]
  15. So Kitaru changed the topic title. This is because the game is

    Time to get cracking...
  16. Is Seattle, USA by any chance near Lund, Sweden? [​IMG].............
  17. I wish I lived there, or knew someone that lived there so I'd have an excuse to go. I'd love to play the actual Ti.
  18. I bought some Japanese Fanta Grape.
  19. Holy hell this is awesome. Even though I've got Ti I'd love to hang out in an arcade with other enthusiasts and play it... It's too bad DeHackEd and I are so far away. Kevin! It is now your duty to make sure as many people as possible enjoy the game! I'm expecting you to direct people to TC and stuff so they can learn more. This machine must be profitable! [​IMG]

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