Am I the only one that finds this suspicious?

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  1. I stumbled upon this video the other day (or rather, my future overlord, Google, suggested it for me) and it immediately struck me as suspicious. I messaged the guy who filmed it and he said he simply uses DAS for this kind of play (see the comments for our exchange). Anybody else calling bullshit on this?
  2. I did a little framestepping in the video (you can framestep in a youtube video usind , and .) and noticed that the amount of frames between a piece moving with DAS varies. Sometimes it's 3 frames in between, sometimes 4 and I think once 2. Is this how NEStris works (I don't play it so I don't know much about it)?

    PS: Is competition the right thread for this?
  3. @d4nin3u : DAS doesn't work like that, but there is still a possibility that he pushed a direction in that case (depends on the context in which you saw that.)

    I think the main thing to ask here is : Is what he's saying not how it works, and/or is it misleading to the viewer who wants to follow that path? I'm not sure I understand all of what he answers, he seems to be writing several technical terms (especially "last second tap").
  4. I call bs. He didn't answer your question about what controller he is using.
  5. I have zero knowledge of NES Tetris and won't contribute to the discussion, but just want to point out he did mention the controller in his answer.

  6. Ok thanks Kevcel... I did miss that part. I responded to him on Youtube.
  7. Associated thread on Reddit:

    I've talked with a couple of folks about it before. My feeling is, legitimate or not, this video is nearly unwatchable. The frame skipping or unnatural smoothing or whatever is going on makes it nigh impossible to parse what is actually going on. So, either way, it's unfortunate. Since there isn't a clean recording one way or another, I've withheld judgement.

    From a meta view, his YouTube account does seem to display a high level of skill in a variety of games (fighting game combo videos, StarCraft 2 match videos) and a plausible timeline of progression in Tetris (previous NES Tetris stream recordings). I just can't reasonably watch and interpret the actual video of the performance in question.
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  8. It didn't look suspicious to me, other than emulator play maybe(?). I just looked for things that shouldn't be doable on 19 speed, and didn't see anything. As far as play style he clearly knows how to play well enough to max, even starting on 19.
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  9. Yeah, I didn't see moves that look impossible. The recording is choppy in a way that makes some moves look like what rapid tapping under slow motion play would look like (i.e. unnatural hypertap rate) when it might be actual DAS use.
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  10. Late to the party, but holy hell, this is hilarious. He's just randomly namedropping every concept mentioned in Brian Smith's "Tricks of the NES Tetris Masters" videos on YouTube, in the exact same manner as those videos do it. I mean, if that's where he learned all of it, that's fair, but this comes across in the same way as when my boss uses words like "hard coded" or "angular" because he heard programmers use them and wants to sound relevant.

    Also, how do you combine a skillstop with a "last second" tap? I would imagine the latter is implied to make use of a wall charge to avoid losing the "delayed autoshift" charge.

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