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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Phexi0n, 11 Oct 2015.

  1. So I got TGM3 on my PC (sorry Mihara) and I don't have a stick handy, so I used a Logictech Rumblepad 2.

    I got used to it, but it got a bit annoying, since it causes unintentional hard drops, but I managed to pass a promotion exam for Grade 4, along with 244 Fireworks in Easy.

    Do you guys use something other than a keyboard or arcade stick? How good is it when it comes to playing Tetris?
  2. I also use a Logitech controller. I got my TGM1 GM with it, and I'm mostly okay with fast-dropping after practicing quite a bit with it. A stick probably gives better control but I refuse to get one :p

    Also if you're using TypeX Loader to get your inputs into the game, give this a shot too:
    I've heard it reads your inputs better than TypeX Loader, but I did not notice a difference. Either way, it has some other features you can try.
  3. D-pads are objectively bad. I could get into it but I'm frankly just too lazy to type the same things I've said in IRC out again on the forum. :p I somehow managed to get either a TAP Master S9 or M (don't remember) on a 360 D-pad just for shits and giggles but you'd be much better served by a simple keyboard if you don't want to spend money on a stick. Some of the best Shirase/Special Ti times ever were set by Digital on a keyboard.
  4. I wasn't using D-Pads, though I made a dumb mistake with *that*, so I switched to the left joystick. I *would* use a keyboard, problem is, I am so used to in Nullpomino and it becomes a problem if you want to press space for hard drop, but then forget the fact that up in TGM is space, not Up Arrow, while Down is Down, Left is Left and Right is Right.
  5. can you not redefine inputs?
  6. I can, but I got used to the keyboard controls in Nullpomino, that if I redefine inputs to fit my preference, I'd often forget that space is up on TGM, while Left is Left, Right is Right, and Down is Down.
  7. I...what? If you want the optimal control layout for keyboard just use WASD for UDLR, IOP for ABC, and Space for hold (which you hit with your right thumb, like on an arcade setup). You're not making much sense here...
  8. I assume you're getting at the aspect that if you bind space to hard drop in TGM, it kind of fucks up your menu controls in that you have to press space to navigate 'up' in the menus. But I don't see how that's really a dealbreaker (whilst using a gamepad definitely *is* in terms of gameplay and performance) given that there's not really that much time pressure to press buttons fast in the TGM menus (and the worst case is that you press up and it does jack-shit and you quite quickly realise why and remember to press space instead).

    It's also fairly straightforward to have an AutoHotKey script that runs while you're playing TGM, and which binds your up arrow to spacebar (or vice-versa) so that both up and space will work irrespective of the one you press.
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  9. I assume He's used to the standard SRS layout used in games such as Nullpomino and Tetris Friends. Once you learn a control scheme it's hard to switch to another.
  10. Hit the nail on the head.
  11. But there's literally nothing stopping you from rebinding the controls so that whatever SRS control scheme you have in Nullpomino is replicated in TGM. Sure other things might give issues, like the different rotations or lack of hard drop, but that's completely unrelated to the controls. If you need certain inputs on certain buttons then just map those inputs to those buttons - what exactly is the problem?

    Yes, you can't bind space to hard drop because hard drop doesn't exist in TGM, but it doesn't take all that long to work around that and find a new system e.g. up bound to up and spacebar bound to down, or spacebar on up and down on down (which is closer to what I use). Plus if you're serious about Tetris then in the bigger scheme of things it's still not *that* much effort to switch to a keyboard layout that is a bit more easily adaptable between SRS and TGM. Switching to a gamepad instead is a bit like kicking through your own front door because you spent thirty seconds looking for your house keys and couldn't find them.

    I've been playing both SRS games (Tetris Friends, 40L Nullpo, Lockjaw, etc) and TGM games on a keyboard for the best part of a decade now and it has never given me any problems whatsoever, except for rotation-based ones (spins, wallkicks, etc) that I'd get anyway with any control system.
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