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Thread in 'Competition' started by herc, 13 Jan 2008.

  1. thanks to L0sts great zinc plugin, one can play tgm1 using a dance pad. anyone with a sense of humor and too much spare time is invited to participate in this score. if you use hands in addition to feet, please post that as well, and also maybe a nice screenshot of your "setup" - just to have some fun. and - if you are really fast - why not make a dancetris video?

    the plugin from L0st can be downloaded here: ... 5198#15198


    herc--------------- 099 @ 03:xx:xx* no hands, impact pad
    ------------------- 000 @ 00:00:00 
    ------------------- 000 @ 00:00:00
    Lockjaw 40 lines:
    tepples------------ 04:33* no hands, red octane pad
    ------------------- 000 @ 00:00:00 
    ------------------- 000 @ 00:00:00

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  2. tepples

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  3. Awesome, and surprising it works [​IMG]

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