Alexey Pajitnov to UK's GameCity

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by sihumchai, 26 Sep 2007.

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    Mr. Pajitnov and Mr. Takahashi in one room? Only one thing can come out of this, and it is Klustar 3: Katamari Tetracy.

    (Klustar was a Game Boy Color game. Tetrominoes slid in from the sides of the screen, and the player had to rotate the blocks that had already locked in the playfield to pack the tetrominoes tightly. A 4x4 block square would disappear. Klustar 2 was Catch mode of Tetris DS, with mostly the same object but a few differences.)

    "including an attempt by Tetris guru James Clewitt at besting the Tetris scoring record"

    No one can beat 99,999,999, thanks to Infinity.

    "as well as a screening of the documentary Tetris: From Russian with Love."

    But will it be the extended edition that doesn't stop right before the late-1990s assault on fan game authors?

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    Hmm, perhaps this could be a chance for the TGM series to get some exposure. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the people attending the event have seen the jin8 video. And if so, maybe they'll heckle this James Clewitt person as he's trying to set the record.
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    is the jin8 video the one where the guy plays to the end and plays invisible tetris?
  5. Amnesia

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    From kan, the second after jin, there is at least 50 peoples in japan who are able to achieve the invisible section..

    And maybe 10 who are able to lock agressively in invisible..
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    I honestly thought that was fake.. i mean, i kinda hoped it wasn't but it is such a gaming feat that its incredible.

    its probably the most impressive gaming feat i've ever witnessed (and i'm apart of many WR / speedrun sites)
  7. Amnesia

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    Me as well!

    But after tried by myself, that seems to be really possible..

    I can hold ~40 sec after few weeks of training..And jin play since 2000..

    And when I was in jago's flat, we saw maybe 30 master mode completed by Kan..That begin to be a lot of fake [​IMG] , on 7 DVD...
  8. I doubt mention of the game makes much impact (if it gets mentioned at all), as Pazhitnov seems to perceive TGM as "not that hard because there's lock delay", ignorant of all the other details meticulously crammed into the game (step reset lockdown, shortening ARE and lock times, stricter wallkick rules and kick limits, etc.)
  9. Well, compared to the original Tetris game TGM could be described as "easy". It just speeds up a lot faster.
  10. The difficulty curve still go higher than most of the prior Tetris.
  11. tepples

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    TGM1 at 500-999 allows up to 1 second between one piece locking and the next piece locking (30 frames ARE + 30 frames lock delay IIRC). Tetris 3.12 at 90 lines allows only about 400 to 600 ms for a typical stack (1/3G * 8 to 12 rows), and like other PC games that use the BIOS keyboard routines, it has decent (1/2G) DAS.
  12. I guess it's a case of walking the fine line between "damn near impossible" and just "impossible", whereas many games either stop at a manageable level or shoot right up to something merely impossible.

    It's easy to make it impossible, after all. Just make it faster and faster until the time from game start to game over equals exactly zero.

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