AGDQ 2016?

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by willkillson, 3 Jan 2016.

  1. Why is there no showing of TGM at AGDQ this year?
  2. Nothing new to show and I didn't feel like spending $700+ to go. Maybe next time.
  3. 700+ is the going rate for some high quality companionship, but I would say you got crazy amounts of propositions after your last performance at 2015 ;)
  4. Hey willkillson,
    Thanks for your support.

    Getting ready for AGDQ is a tall order. Most of us have to travel all the way to East Coast, and that includes a long way for pretty much everyone. But even then, that's not the hardest part. The preparations with potential technical issues with tech and the planning to have all 4+ people available at the same time makes it pretty hectic. And of course, it is needed that we practice thoroughly before the event.

    As KevinDDR said, SGDQ 2015 was the opportunity to show everything that we could have shown (some late cancellations by other speedrunners helped squeeze everything as well.) I like some variety, and I personally like that other speedruns are given their chance (still waiting on that Donkey Kong Jungle Beat speedrun by piepusher11).

    Whether or not SGDQ 2016 will happen is hard to say, but if something new happens to TGM, rest assured that you will see something :)
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  5. Personally I wouldn't bother until at least next year's AGDQ (Assuming we're doing TGM games only and TGM4 comes out in the first half of this year.) You guys have already shown pretty much all there is to do in TGM and should TGM4 come out I'd say you'd want at least half a year's good practice on the game before showcasing it (Unless somehow people get GMs left, right and centre.)
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  6. Who's up for submitting Final Tetris to SGDQ 2016? :D
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  7. I do agree with qlex :)
    I mean, Kan played at SGDQ 2015, what more can the community show to the world ^^
    Hopefully, TGM4 will finally get a proper release and we will have some more interesting stuff to show (well, at least, the japanese players will :p )
  8. Muf


    lol at people thinking TGM4 will ever be released
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  9. A man can dream, eh? (Just as long as they change the art style for the western release. I really don't want to play a Tetris game that's full of flowers and anime girls.)
  10. Muf


    Isn't that pretty much 90% of what they've got, anyway? I mean it's the Ti gameplay/graphics engine adapted to 16:9 widescreen, with some experimental game modes thrown in. Most of the work looks to have gone into developing the art style and making new graphics.
  11. I heard your $500 donation Qlex. Holy crap, that's amazing.
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  12. qlex you just bought tgm1 and 3 stop spending money Kappa
    What run was that in?
  13. Salaryman power.
    I sent the donation during the TASBot Block, it was read during downtime.

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