AGDQ 2015 - Welcome to DIE!

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  1. Hello there! Welcome to the amazing world of Tetrisconcept!

    Ahem, sorry. Less flashy it is.

    Chances are, if you're watching this, you've been redirected from the play of AGDQ. We'd like to take a moment to thank SpeedDemosArchive for giving us a moment to shine. And you, for taking your time to read!

    Are you currently enjoying the AGDQ show? I suggest you watch some more if you haven't already, but there are a lot of Tetris videos that could be an amazing watch as well!

    Why wouldn't you see some goodness from West's finest and watch the first Death GM done by colour_thief, the fastest TGM play by jago or the one and only Tetris 3 Terror Instinct Grand Master examination by KevinDDR!

    If you prefer to see the best from the best, then it's only natural to look at today's fastest plays, done by Japan's best players. Here, some Terror Instinct frightening plays by jin8 and AYA! Also, Tetris 2 the Absolute PLUS Death mode completed in under five minutes, by players kashiwa0903 and 309.

    If you are having enough of your jaw hitting the floor and want something slower? Well, big mode completion by Japanese player SAL seems slower. Except it's even more puzzling. Check out those checker lines!

    Don't think human is enough? Well, everyone likes one or two Tool Assisted Speedruns! You should watch zzymyn's Death run that people might beat if the video is two times as slow. And if you truly want an invisible mind blow, there's a Master TAS.

    Of course, there are many many videos and you should also watch plays from everyone to see all the little parts of the game, follow people on their Twitter and Twitch!

    So, do you like what you see and want to join? Don't hesitate to come over here and present yourself, we don't bite! ... I think. Have a nice one ;)
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  2. And should you add... Keep stacking !
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  4. Hey Qlex, aren't your first three screenshots supposed to be three separate YouTube links?
  5. ... Well! I guess watching KevinDDR's video one additional time wouldn't hurt, but yes! Actually something wrong had happened. It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out :)
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  6. !!
    I just rewatched parts of the AGDQ video, and all of the sudden this thread makes a whole lot more sense. :p
    Didn't notice that t-shirt Qlex was wearing until now. It's so damn awesome, especially considering how legendary the demonstration turned out to be. You should start selling more of them, I'd really want one!

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